Metro Tourism Part I Mumbai

This is Part I in a 5 Part Series on Metro Tourism beginning today. Today we are covering Mumbai. The links are indicative and will take your thoughts to areas of your interest. Last few weeks we have rushed through different subjects. Those who missed earlier Series, please access my Face Book page or blog. M G Warrier Metro Tourism Part I Mumbai A Starter Mumbai's Dabbawalas B Places to visit C Hotels and Restaurants South Indian Irani Restaurants D Nearby Places to visit E Bonus : Media Response October 9, 2022 Golden opportunity for India This refers to the report "Gold diversion to China, Turkey 'not to affect India' "(The Hindu Business Line, October 9). The analysis of the situation by Suresh Iyengar is realistic and based on reliable assumptions. The present global gold scenario gives India a once in a lifetime opportunity to quickly redeploy a part of the country's idle domestic gold stock for productive use. Illustratively, if one-fifth of the estimated 25,000 tonnes of the stock can be mainstreamed and accounted, over a period of five years, import of gold will come down substantially. Impact will be two-way. One, as those who invest their gold will earn at least 2 percent per annum on their gold investment and there will be foreign exchange savings to the extent gold imports come down. There will be other long term benefits also for the nation's economy. M G Warrier Mumbai F Order a Dabba* By 8.30 am lunch and dinner would arrive in small microwaveable containers with our names written on them and go straight into the refrigerator to maintain the cold chain. At meal time we would take out our packs and heat them. We went in for main meals, but for the record, breakfast and an afternoon snack were also available. Each main meal per person cost `350 including delivery. Food Darzee offers a range of diets. You could choose from ketogenic, vegan, low-carb-high protein and a balanced or homestyle meal. *Link shared by TNC Rangarajan G Haji Ali We started from Haji Ali. Let's come back to Haji Ali The Haji Ali Dargah, dates back to 1431 and is affiliated with Sayyed Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. He was a prosperous trader from Bukhara (modern-day Uzbekistan) who forsook his wealth and worldly belongings to travel to Mecca for the pilgrimage.


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