Metro Tourism Part V Kolkata

This is the concluding Part V in a 5 Part Series on Metro Tourism. In the first four parts we covered Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. Today we go to Kolkata. The links are indicative only and will take your thoughts to areas of your interest. Last few weeks, we have rushed through different subjects. Those who missed earlier Series, please access my Face Book page or blog. M G Warrier Metro Tourism Part V Kolkata Trams in Kolkata A Kolkata : History B Bengal : Literature C Bengal : Music D Art forms of Bengal E Tourist places in and around Kolkata F Leisure Take a tea break (Shared by S Venugopal Chennai) In a factory : A man standing on the floor, Not doing any work and looking aimlessly.. CEO of that factory came and asked his salary. Man replied : "Rs.5000 Sir" CEO took out his wallet and gave Rs.15000 and told him "I pay people here to work and not to waste time. This is your 3 months salary. Now get out of here. Never come back." That guy left.... . . . . . . . Then CEO asked workers "Who is that guy?" Workers replied, "PIZZA Delivery Boy, Sir." MORAL : DON'T OVERREACT IN ANY SITUATION!! G Quotes on Bengal


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