Invite tourists to India

Invite tourists to India This refers to the well researched article "How to attract more international tourists" (The Hindu Business Line, March 2). My eyes got stuck at the sentence ending "... while domestic tourist arrivals increased comparatively at a better rate from around 6 crore to approximately 232 crore during 1990-2019". This took me to my own observation in an article on tourism published in The Hindu eight years ago. I quote : "That reminds me of our Wayanad tour of 2013. That district had been converted into a nice ‘tourist village' in Kerala, by developing half a dozen spots including Pookode Lake, Edakkal Caves and Kuruva Dweep with international-standard cleanliness and facilities. When we visited Singapore ten years earlier, I had wondered why India, which has several resource-rich geographical areas with tourist attractions, much better compared to what Singapore packaged and served us, was not taking advantage of the rich tourism resources. What we saw in Wayanad convinced me that just one District Collector with government support can do wonders in the tourism sector." India has moved fast in tourism. Many individuals like the Wayanad Collector and several corporates and organisations in public and private sectors, have played their part well. Still, to catch up with the rest of the world, we have to fast forward the pace of our tourism industry's progress by improving linkages and focusing more on modern marketing techniques. We are close to a breakthrough. Time is opportune. Blueprint is hidden in the article. M G Warrier Mumbai


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