Media Response By M G Warrier

Media Response By M G Warrier Religion and colour of growth This refers to the report "SBI Ecowrap debunks Rajan's remarks on Hindu rate of growth" (The Hindu Business Line, March 8). I leave the responsibility of arriving at an acceptable band or range of growth for India in the near future to professionals, factoring in the available data. At a time when tradition and religion are being misused for constituency interests internationally, celebrity economists like Dr Raghuram Rajan and institutions like SBI could have spoken economics without using the recently coined phrases like "Hindu growth rate", which was not used even originally in good taste. India's growth story is at a crucial point now and those who missed the bus express their unhappiness by spreading negativism. Institutions like SBI owe no explanation to every comment, while efforts to clear misunderstandings are always welcome. M G Warrier Mumbai


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