My journey so far -Chapter 9 : Primary schools

My Journey so far - Chapter 9 : Primary schools The series titled “My journey so far” had an unplanned and abrupt break during the first half of last year. I felt uncomfortable continuing with the “Service Story” which I temporarily discontinued at my arrival in Reserve Bank of India. Went back to my naming ceremony. In this piece we can rush through the four years schooling. Leisure Message shared by Bhagavan B Fatnani in RBI Retirees Groups Whenever i feel depressed in life…. i open my G-Mail inbox... i find : 1) 6 banks are giving me easy loans. 2) 10/15 banks waiting to deliver my pre- approval credit card. 3) I have won £ 10000000 and 💵 500000 for bloody unknown reasons. 4) 8-10 companies have best jobs for me. 5) 3 matrimonial sites have most suited girls for me. 6) Dr Batra has claimed that he will cure my hair fall. 7) 5-6 universities are giving me degrees in random subjects. 8) One Nigerian princess wants to escape from her country and needs my help and she is going to transfer 67 million dollars to my account & 9) Approx 20-25 mails from Riya, Payal, Khushi & Neha, who are feeling lonely & want to meet me. *Saaaalaaa.... Zindagi me aur kya chahiye? B B Fatnani ( And poor me..., received a message, actually an SOS from Neha, asking me to credit an amount to some account.. M G Warrier)


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