Safety of Indian financial sector: The Hindu Business Line

Safety of Indian financial sector March 13, 2023 This refers to the report "Bankers rule out second-order impact" (The Hindu Business Line, March 13). Indian lawmakers and the financial regulators have been taking adequate care to insulate the household savings invested in banks and financial institutions from the shocks such deposits are usually subject to. Not that we didn't have unexpected bad experiences. Comparatively, the shock absorbers have remained functional in every crisis. The professionalism of the regulators, high reserve ratio requirements and the speed with which crises were managed with active government support have all contributed in maintaining this level of success in financial sector management. We need to strengthen the institutional system, from RBI to the front desk in the remotest bank branch further, considering the international scenario and the rise in uncertainties with the fast and unbridled growth and use of technology, without proportionate human resources/skills development. M G Warrier Mumbai


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