Proud of Indian Institutions

Proud of Indian Institutions This refers to the report 'A weak-kneed person cannot be appointed as EC' (The Hindu Business Line, March 3). India is safe in the hands of the strong and vibrant institutions our Constitution helped to establish and evolve. The Supreme Court, Election Commission, CAG and RBI have risen to the occasion and acted decisively whenever internal and external threats sent out disturbing signals. That's story so far. The observations of the Apex Court that "Political parties betray a special interest in not forthcoming with a law..." have wider implementations than those confined to appointment of the Election Commission. There's a dilution in the seriousness with which legislative process happen from the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) to gram panchayats. Reasons may vary from case to case. But restoring public trust in governance need to become a national priority and Justice Joseph in this pronouncement has not minced words in saying that. Incidentally, the present Supreme Court Chief Justice Chandrachud is getting a longer tenure compared to some of his recent predecessors and time is opportune to bring reforms to ensure continuity and a stable tenure for top positions in statutory bodies. M G Warrier Mumbai


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