Redefine CSR

Redefine CSR This refers to the short piece 'Tweak CSR rules to lift social sector " (The Hindu Business Line, March 6). The hesitant approach of law-makers to Corporate Social Responsibility can have multiple reasons. But the temptation of research on the subject and media analysis of the inefficient institutionalisation of CSR is intriguing. Especially when such discussions take the present two percent stipulation as the base from which to build up a case for corporate involvement in social welfare including healthcare. The ideal scenario would be to redefine social responsibility and irrespective of public or private ownership, make individual institutions responsible for the overall development and maintaining educational (upto High School level), basic healthcare and environment protection infrastructure in their assigned command area. Government also should reach out with support linkages and finance for performance of such responsibility by individual institutions on a case to case need-based basis. Needless to add, local self-government bodies and political leadership can play a proactive role in such initiatives. M G Warrier Mumbai


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