Lucky with food and blessings

Lucky with food and blessings Excerpts : If I had maintained a proper record with evidence, from 1952 till now, and if the Guinness Book of World Records had a category of achievers who have tasted a maximum number of various vegetarian food during a span of 70 years, I would have won the award for the year 2020 now. This is how: While in school, lunch used to be in different temples, palaces or houses depending on the celebrations: Birthday of a member of royal families, the death anniversary of a local VIP, the monthly birthday of the head of a royal family on which day 12 Brahmins will be offered food (my father used to be a permanent invitee and me an external appendage), temple Festival days, 12th day after death/birth in Brahmin/Royal families and so on. On each occasion, the menu will be different! After I got employed, for the first ten years, I was staying in lodges and sharing accommodation. This was the period I enjoyed eating breakfast to dinner outside, trying food in a variety of vegetarian hotels/messes in Thiruvananthapuram, besides trying vegetarian food served in nonveg hotels.


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