RBI Foundation Day 2023

Friends Good Morning Today is RBI Foundation Day. Let's remember the past, and look forward to a brighter future for the institution : https://protium.co.in/2023/03/31/role-of-rbi-in-indian-economy/ Excerpts : "The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has played a crucial role in shaping the Indian economy since its inception in 1935. From managing the monetary policy to regulating the financial sector, the RBI has been instrumental in laying the foundation for India’s economic growth. In fact, India’s GDP has grown from just $30.6 billion in 1950 to over $3.4 trillion in 2022, and the RBI has been a key driver of this transformation. As we celebrate RBI Foundation Day today, it’s worth reflecting on the institution’s contributions to India’s economic journey and how it continues to shape the country’s future." Nice Day M G Warrier


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