Thiruvananthapuram RBI Pre-1974 Family Get-together March 29, 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday March 29, 2023 Random Edition on the eve of Thiruvananthapuram RBI Pre-1974 Family Get-together, 2023. Good Morning 🌄 Friends The thought of organising this get-together came to the mind of S Valsalvadevi and some of her friends who had joined Thiruvananthapuram RBI together in 1973. The idea was shared in our WhatsApp Group. Rest is history or will become history. As families became smaller and smaller and each one of the family had to be in different geographical locations the good old joint family concept became extinct. As we progressed, the concept was reinvented and retried in different ways. We are here in one such joint family experiment with common roots and some common experiences and feelings. Let's start sharing them in the ambience of Windsor Rajadhani. I'm sure this will lead to more diverse activities in coming years with annual participation growing. Let me not pre-empt your thoughts. Regards 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages 1) K Ramasubramanian Mumbai Dear friends Trivandrum played a very significant role during the productive part of my life personally and officially. I vividly remember the day 1st March 1971 reporting to Trivandrum office . Mr KK Ray was the Dy Chief Officer and officer in charge. Mr TA Mohammed ushered me into the cabin of Mr Ray, a very tall man with a penetrative look. He just wished me and advised to focus on work. But Mr KM Menon once told me that Mr Ray always felt happy to correct the draft notes/letters put up. He makes corrections in between the lines, as we were told to put up drafts always with double space. Surely the in between space is meant for Mr Ray'corrections. It is told in your words as a joke that Mr Menon once submitted a draft with 'To address' and at the end 'Yours faithfully' In between the draft was left blank. When enquired Mr Menon is said to have replied to Mr Ray that whatever draft is put up there are corrections and he thought that blank space will help DCO to complete the draft to his liking. There were almost five or more DCOs during my stay at Trivandrum hovering beyond a decade as I was transferred to RBSC, Chennai in 1982 August only. Those 11 years, I learnt from ABC of commercial bank inspection to the inspection of almost all the Head offices of banks which were then in Kerala. Federal bank, I could inspect twice once with Mr KR Anantharaman and next inspection as Principal Inspecting Officer. The stay in government guest house on the banks of the river at Alwaye and the Shiva temple almost in water level were the memorable events of inspection. Just a coincidence that the present and perhaps the only RBI Retirees' Family Home is situated close to that. The run on Federal Bank was managed by Trivandrum office by granting a special lending facility under Section 18 of RBI act by RBI when Dr RK Hazari was Deputy Governor. Perhaps in the history of Bank B grade officers would have rarely become Principal Inspecting Officer of a bank only in Trivandrum office, which privilege was offered to me. Rescue of Mr P Radhakrishnan from a Police Station where he was handed over by KSRTC conductor is an event I remember during the stint as a Personnel Officer. A rare experience indeed. Pleading the striking employees to disburse when an All India strike was on with Mr MO Jacob leading the movement was a brave act in utter nervousness. Mr Parthasarathy of NABARD used to say that Ramasubramanian will always have the last word as I was generally proposing vote of thanks in all our gatherings. Family-wise. My married life started at Trivandrum. Both my children were born in Ramakrishna Mission Hospital Sasthamangalam. Thanks to non completion of Part II of CAIIB I was retained in Trivandrum for long. Our Officers Association noticed and put my name on the top of the list showing officers who have not been transferred for over ten years. DG Krishnaswamy who visited twice during Board meeting of RBI at Trivandrum made a remark tha KRS has become a landmark in Trivandrum with his longest stay. Though I did not manage or manipulate anything. Longer stay made my children get into central school and could easily move to Central School Chennai to complete their schooling. The gossips in Nalukettu is nostalgic. The serious work Ramaseshan's struggle with drafting of Reports, the late coming everyday of Mr....Then, Radhakrishnan's incisive editing keeping the IO to have post inspection correspondence with the inspected branch, Basheer's tea warming up the afternoon with Canteen Vada or other Kadi making the spirit of Nalukettu always on high. The jilebi of the canteen made by our canteen swamy still on my tongue which I recall with joy. Our supervision of the cooperative canteen (business size was small)with a dedicated Managing Committee are indelible marks of management lessons of involvement with passion. Participation in farewell functions to officers on transfer was restricted by local Association. May be informal. But the whole hall of the new office at Bakery Junction was overflowing to bid farewell to me on my transfer as faculty to RBSC Chennai The entire office people were in full support and action when my son was missing for a few hours on one day as he was stranded while returning from School. People who have not seen anytime were on roads in search of him and one among them suggesting police complaint and with all this confusion a phone call came to my neighbour that my son is safe in Pattammal in his friends house Still several to recall but I feel have crossed the limit put on words Oh Trivandrum you are a part of me... Thanks. This was in response to my suggestion : I'm willing to bring out a special issue of Warrier's Collage focusing on the Get-together in which participants can share their Trivandrum memories in 600 to 700 words in English. Please send your contributions to my email ID or WhatsApp to me personally If I receive more messages, I will share with you. M G Warrier B I joined RBI Thiruvananthapuram in 1968 : Excerpts : Contrary to the wishes of the Deputy Accountant General in Thiruvananthapuram AG’s Office who had advised me to discontinue trade union activities as soon as I joined RBI, I became part of the team of active workers of the RBI Employees Association. As the office was small with a staff strength of over a hundred, the overall atmosphere was friendly and I liked associating with the management of Cooperative Canteen and Credit Society besides being part of the Managing Committee of the Employees Association.


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