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Millions of kids in India access the Net on their parents’ devices, says study - A timely warning

M G Warrier's response:   
September 27, 2019
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The report “Millions of kids in India access the Net on their parents' devices, says study” (HBL, September 27) will, quite likely, be skipped by many, as this is no news in India. But the issues covered in the report deserves serious attention for immeddiate corrective action to save GenNext from following the fate of their peers in so called developed countries.
Violence and vulgarity are essential ingredients of many programmes accessible on-screen today. Any effort to put restrictions on them is viewed as encroachment on creativity, freedom of expression and so on. Law makers and those responsible for enforcement are facing different kinds of pressures when they think of imposing controls. 
As there's no relationship between level of literacy and Net accessibility, a national level awareness campaign may be necessary to save children from the kind of damage from misuse of smartphone and similar gadgets.
Even the contents of many of the TV programmes which reach the drawing rooms 24x7 need at least "parental guidance" as high dramas involving violence, murder and vulgarity are mixed out of proportion to make them "popular"
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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