Sad demise: Shri G S Iyer (79- Ex-RBI)

RBI related demise: Shri G S Iyer

Reporting with deep sorrow the sad demise of Shri G Subramania Iyer (79 years) in Thiruvananthapuram, yesterday (September 22, 2019) night. He retired as General Manager, RBI and is survived by his wife, son and two daughters. 
GS (for Trivandrum colleagues GS Iyer has always been GS) had been having some health issues for the last few years. He was an affectionate and caring family person, a helpful friend and a dedicated worker.
We have worked together on different occasions. For me, he is more than a brother (I've only sisters). In July 1979, when my father passed away in Trivandrum, GS and my neighbor accompanied us (me, wife and son) in the Ambulance which took the body to my father's Illam in Payyanur, 600km away.

Anyone who once came in contact with GS will remember him for the pleasant smile and pleasing behavior. We met him at his residence in Vellayambalam (Thiruvananthapuram) during May 2019.
May his soul rest in peace.
M G Warrier


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