Survival kit for budding doctors: Dr Tiny Nair

Subject: Survival kit for budding doctors - Dr Tiny Nair shares some professional secrets

While writing same thing again and again, or searching for non-existent old records in the record room, or later in life, face to face with some bosses who passed on the abuses they received from their bosses after adding their own masala, while in office for 40 years, occasionally I had regretted not having born in a rich family or at least studied better to earn scholarships and pursued studies to become an engineer or a doctor.
Post-retirement, seing the plight of doctors and engineers of my generation, I thank my stars and remember:
 "Bhagyavantam Prasooyetha, 
Maa Dooram, Maa Cha Panditham!"
Being a bystander or even a patient is a much better option than being a doctor.
Even the specialists in the OP departments of posh Multi-Speciality Hospitals regret having gone for medicine or having wasted time and energy for post-graduation or research, when they sit opposite to a patient in suit showing off his Google knowledge about his own ailment and explaining how the previous doctor he consulted went wrong in diagnosis!

M G Warrier


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