Millennial Mindset

M G Warrier                              

September 11, 2019
Millennial mindset

This refers to the report “Millennials’ preference for OLA-UBER is affecting auto sector, FM Sitharaman” (Economic Times, September 11). In a way, this is a direct admission that auto industry has lost touch with ground realities. The second half of last century had seen a generation growing with a services sector boom accumulating luxury goods including cars. The present generation is more mature and they plan their expenses based on needs. The trend to use public transport system or shared vehicles or hiring vehicles instead of owning them should be seen as a healthy change in attitude.
Industries including those in the auto sector should be encouraged to adopt a "Project Approach" which inter alia gave insights into the need to take care of the "backward and forward linkages" for judiciously managing procurement, production and marketing lines instead of relying on traditional methods of doing business..
On August 15, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the dismantling the Planning Commission as the edifice was in disrepair beyond redemption proposing to rebuild it. That was the end of Chapter I of the process of planning in India, as it also expedited the death of the last Five Year Plan, which was already in ICU with life support systems.
The promised rebuilding didn't happen as expected and the reincarnation of Planning Commission which is now known as NITI Aayog is still struggling to establish its own purpose and identity. Planning at national level has become conspicuous by its absence, since 2014. We cannot blame the citizens for our failure to manage resources.


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