Timepass: A visit to "ManoRajyam" or look around

Watching gymnasts from my balcony- This may be a repeat, but you'll enjoy reading again!

We have to make choices for timepass from the available menu. There are a couple of easy options. One, allow your thoughts wander free. We do not need a passport, Visa or tickets to visit "ManoRajyam"... Unlimited freedom to travel for the mind!
Two, the one selected by this auther, Sakuntala Narasimhan (sakunara@gmail.com). Watch what's going on around. You may not be lucky to find squirrels, birds and monkeys around. Adjust with whatever you find!
I have been trying a combination of the two. I start thinking of what would be in the mind of people, insects, birds or animals I happen to see. Or, if I watch a plant or a tree, I think of its past and likely future. The "lifespan" of living things around me are not co-terminus with mine. They or something else were there before I found them. And their survival is not dependent on me.
M G Warrier


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