Book on my table: Rethinking Good Governance By Vinod Rai

Book on my table: Rethinking Good Governance by Vinod Rai

In an interaction with a media person, while concluding, Vinod Rai answered the question, "What next?" in two words: "Another book..."
Daring and knowledgeable individuals who were not afraid of controversies while in active service, either move on to greener pastures in politics or vanish from public glare. Vinod Rai continues to contribute to the causes closer to his heart. 
Books like this help immensely, individuals like me, who try to keep abreast of developments in financial and social sectors affecting common man.
Vinod Rai has a skill to express views dispassionately and irreverently. The detached way in which he narrates events which changed the fates of individuals and institutions gives an elegance to the stories he tells.

M G Warrier


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