Will the tumbler move on its own?

Will the tumbler move on its own?- Netto tells us something about séance


Justice V R Krishna Iyer, after his wife passed on (I find this better than 'passed away'. If George Netto in his 80's has written, usage must be right) made efforts to keep in regular contact with the departed soul. How far he succeeded, can be a matter of opinion. But I won't suspect the sanity of the Justice who was himself the son of a lawyer, Manjeri Rama Iyer who practiced in Malabar. Krishna Iyer's brother went and arrested Indira Gandhi at her residence. When Ms Gandhi extended her hands and asked him to handcuff her, as she didn't expect any relaxation, Iyer looked up and down and murmured: "Age is affecting me also, Madam! Forgot to bring. Let's go!"
Sometime during the second half of last century "Stove Jyothisham" was popular in Kerala. The person about whom the "Jyothishi" (Astrologer) will hold a kerosene stove kept on the floor, follow the Astrologer's instructions with concentration on issues on which s/he or family needed prediction. The stove will start moving on its own, "writing" things on the floor. The astrologer will, by trial and error make predictions based on the lines made by the stove!
Now, open the link to know what Netto is telling.

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