Draupadi: Born for revenge

Mahabharat Episode 21: Draupadi - Born for Revenge


Some discussion on 21st Century Corruption in India is currently happening among our friends in the context of some recent arrests.
My first published book (Pre-Modi 1.0, 2014) was accidentally titled "Banking, Reforms & Corruption: Development Issues in 21st Century India"(Recently republished as eBook titled "Chasing Inclusive Growth"). Corruption has been woven into the texture of governance from time immemorial.
Fight between good and evil, Devas and Asuras and so on have been theme for literature all along.
In modern times, corruption is legalized in several countries. What we call bribe and is illegal in India, is known as "lobbying expenses" and considered legal elsewhere.
A pick-pocket stealing ₹10 is a criminal. Lawyer who charges ₹10,000 to bail him out collects professional fees which is legal.

M G Warrier


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