Coffee Puranam

The mini coffee shop in our home- Coffee culture
Col. Mony has exhaustively covered the life-cycle of coffee from beans to India Coffee House. My acquaintance with coffee started with the presence of a dozen or more coffee trees (they were much bigger than plants!), bearing bunches of coffee fruits (with beans inside) during summer, in the north extreme of the large compound in which our ancestral home was there. They were under the shades of a big tamarind tree.
In 1957, I got an opportunity to visit Wayanad. Staying there for about a week, I saw large tea and coffee farms. Those days, Wayanad had a pleasant and cool weather throughout the year. Fans were not in use. Most of the kitchens will have black coffee boiling in an earthen/aluminum pot boiling 24x7.Hot Dry Ginger Coffee sweetened with palm-jaggery was very energizing.
In 1963, when I reached Trivandrum, coffee was available at Indian Coffee House priced twenty paise per cup.

M G Warrier


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