Teachers' Day 2019

Teachers' Day-Sep 5th

Interesting thoughts on the eve of Teachers' Day. Copied below is the link to a Hindu article on the subject published on August 31, 2019:
M G Warrier

"Is teaching a noble profession? On Teachers’ Day, we revisit this notion -

Vathsala Jayaraman wrote in a mail addressed to Exrbites Group on September 4, 2019:
Every year  Sep 5th comes and departs.We scribble something and totally forget about it.
Shrimat Bhagavatham speaks of 24 teachers including a bird, hunter, wasp and a courtesan among others having influenced the Avadhutha, Dattathreya.A detailed account of what he learnt from each of them has been narrated  therein.
 There is no dearth of Gurus in India-many of them self proclaiming.
Whoever be the Guru, ancient or modern, whatso ever be the number of books we read,we cannot find  solutions to all our problems. The same solution may not work to the same problem in a different occasion or different persons.How we apply Guru's teaching to the given situation is the vital aspect .

Many teachers are versatile in their subjects, but only a few have got the knack of creating a LEARNING ATMOSPHERE by making the students, not only listeners but active participants and absorbers..
If we think aloud,learning is an ever lasting process.We are always learners in one form or other.
1. We learn from our children. They become our teachers.
2.We learn from our mistakes.Mistakes become masters.
 3.All our anger & agonies,beatings & burnings,challenges & churns,cries and cracks,toils and turmoils,twists & turns make us mellow down & season us a lot.
4. From good persons we know how to be,and from the so called wicked we know how not to be.
5. When we listen to music,it soothens our hearts & music becomes our preceptor.
6.When we hear the mazhalai or babblings of children, we forget the pressing problems. then children become our masters.
7.The sun,the rain,the mountains ,the rivers & trees- all are teaching the lesson of PAROPAKARA ,without uttering a single word by their mere routine.
8. The recent incidents of deaths due to rape and suicide resulting out of failure to get a medical seat are indirect teachers creating awareness of social responsibility 
 9.Above all,"SILENCE" itself is the greatest GURU-MAUNA GURU.It is meditation in SILENCE that brought into our Bharat so many great thinkers,luminaries & Acharyas whom we revere most.
The list is endless.
Let us bow with reverence,not only to human  teachers,but also to NATURE and above all to every small bit and piece of experience in our life.
Let us learn,learn,learn.................and continue to learn for ever.

Vathsala Jayaraman


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