The shining light of a toothbrush: A story with a message

The shining light of a toothbrush - A story with a message
I read this story word to word, with the same thrill, hope and enthusiasm with which I listened to Prime Minister Modi speaking about school drop outs in India (more girls) for want of toilet facilities in schools. Those who have not experienced the discomfort of open-air toilets made fun of Modi and went on to tabulate inaccuracies in his speech. The number of inaccuracies recorded so far, culled out from 399 speeches made from May 14, 2014 to July 23, 2019, is in single digit, including the missing platform (checked with the video talk by G S Pradeep from Kerala).
Back to toothbrush. In early 1950's, my cousin who was serving in IAF came on leave. As a child, I found out an easy way to collect change from him. I went and asked him for some money to buy a pencil. He gave me a sharpened, new, yellow pencil and a four-Anna coin (would have got 2 coconuts with that much money!)
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M G Warrier


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