Reinventing traditions

Tuensang’s teachings - "Know your neighbors"

I found this article interesting. For the last 20 years or so, I have been talking to people, sometimes writing about and occasionally bringing together disjointed groups of people, trying to reinvent in my own way, the joint-family concept of the first half of last Century, minus its negatives which destroyed it later. 
I'm aware, individually, and in groups, many have successfully established links in their own families, among friends, in residential complexes and so on, to take adequate care of, the basic benefits of having a "joint family"
My concern is, I'm not yet part of one, which I can trust.
The "tribes" which have been lucky to maintain their traditions, have much better mutual help and social security systems than what I enjoy in my "extended family" or in the several social groups in which I am a member (residential associations included). 

M G Warrier


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