We miss you, Dr Rajan!

My media response:

March 12, 2020
We miss you, Dr Rajan!
This refers to the report "There was enough time to save bank” (Business Standard, March 12).

 Dr Rajan is among very few Indians who, in the middle of a brilliant career in a developed country, came back and served in India with full dedication for about 4 years and kept a close watch on the tasks he had left unfinished in this country. Unlike many others, he dedicated every hour of his presence in India to learn more about Indian Economy in general and financial sector in particular.
Post-RBI days, Dr Rajan has been enriching India's development efforts by sharing his insights through his responses like this, speeches and books.
The country's political leadership need to identify and recognize such individuals and should provide them opportunity to use their talent and skills for the nation's benefit. This is not about brain drain. The issue is one of indigenization of talent we have nurtured in our own institutions of higher education.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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