It rains because...

Good Samaritan on the train to Chennai- It rains because... 
Good Morning 
Yesterday in his address to the nation, Prime Minister made an appeal to all of us to look out of the windows, or from the balconies at 5 p m on Sunday March 22, 2020 and clap in recognition and appreciation of the services provided by several individuals risking their own health and safety, life and families to keep us happy, healthy and alive. Similar synchronized gesture of Thanksgiving happened in Spain and Italy in recent days.
Gayatri in this story beautifully narrates how a "lost" ring was restored to Ravichander (her uncle) miraculously by a good Samaritan. Her aunt made a statement about the secret of survival of "Prapancham" (Universe). Open the link and read on...

M G Warrier


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