This Blog Is Popular!: 12th Year of Blogging

Good Morning
On September 29, 2008 my daughter Reshmy helped me to start my own Blog, now accessible by a click @*
The above link will take us to my , Blog post "Jyotirgamayah"
My friend Badri reminds me every day about my first blog, as he quotes the entire stanza in which "Jyotirgamayah" appears in each of his mail.
I'm happy, many are reading what I write.
I received the response** copied below from N J Ravi Chander:

"Mr. Warrier,
Your articles always ooze class and I like reading them. You are certainly a notch above many writers, including me. ***.  ***
Warm regards.
N J Ravi Chander"
*The response was to the following forward from me:
Inspired by your story 😊

M G Warrier
Blog 5115
March 22, 2020
**This blog had 441 pageviews yesterday.
Many Thanks for the support
M G Warrier


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