I AM A TEACHER : Guruvandanam

"I am a teacher"

Sharing a beautiful poem received from a former colleague,  dedicated to all TEACHERS 
M G Warrier
Blog 5079
March 4, 2020


_I May be a_ *School Teacher,*
_I May be a_ *College Lecturer,*
_I May be a_ *University Professor !*

*Behind That Doctor,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Engineer,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_ 

*Behind That Statistician,*
 _It is Me, a Teacher •••_ 

*Behind That Nuclear Physicist,*
_It is Me, a Teacher•••_ 

*Behind That Mathematician,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_ 

*Behind That Scientist,* 
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_ 

*Behind That Zoologist,* 
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Entomologist,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Botanist,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Economist,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_ 

*Behind That Entrepreneur,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Lawyer,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Political Scientist,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That  Psychologist,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That  Architect,* 
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Astrologer,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

*Behind That Astronomer,*
_It is Me, a Teacher •••_

_*I Carry the Light Even though they mostly make  Fun of Me by their Uncharitable Jokes •••*_

_But I am a Teacher •••_

_*I don't Qualify for a Bungalow or a Villa nor Earn enough to buy an Expensive House or a Car like Corrupt Officers and Corrupt Politicians.*_

 _But Yes, I am a Teacher •••_

_*Some Think or even Say that I have too many Holidays. They never know that I Spend those Holidays either correcting Papers or Planning what and how I am going to Teach when I go back to Blackboard or Whiteboard ...*_

_Because I am a Teacher •••_

_*Sometimes I get Confused and even get Stressed by the Ever-changing Policies over what and how I have to Teach ...*_

_Despite All That, I am a Teacher and I Love to Teach and I am Teaching •••_

_*On Pay-days I don't Laugh as Corrupt Officers and Others do, But by the Next day I Love to come with a Smile to those that I Teach ...*_

_Because I am a Teacher •••_

_*The main Source of My Satisfaction is when I see them Grow. I See them Succeed. I See them having all those Assets. I See them Bravely Face the World and its Challenges. And I Say yes I have Taught in Spite of Living in a World Opened by Google...*_

_Because I am a Teacher ••• Yes I am a Teacher •••_

_*It doesn't Matter how they Look at Me,  It doesn't Matter how much more they Earn than I Do.*_

_*It Doesn't Matter that they Drive while I Walk because All what they have is through Me, A Teacher ...*_

_*Whether they Acknowledge Me or Not ... I am a Teacher ....*_


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