A Prayer's Power

A Prayer 's Power*

Recently someone raised this doubt:
"Is there a direct relationship between faith in God and prayer?"
This article may help find an answer.
In the context of the Sabarimala controversy in Kerala, I tried to put together an article about the concept of God as explained by founders of Marxism. My case was that they didn't endorse or deny the idea of God. My article didn't get any takers. The society had split into believers and non-believers and media houses didn't want to take risk.
In one sentence, Marxism originally promoted the idea of Church not interfering in governance and governments keeping an arms length relationship (now you know what it is, thanks to the present situation) with Church.
Prayer, like God, is conceptually person-specific.
As a child I have gone to temples and prayed. In fact during my school days I was staying inside a temple. All through my life, I had faith in the efficacy of prayer. But my understanding about the prayer kept changing. Somewhere on the way, idols of God disappeared from my mind. Later on, prayer became something like self-assertion of strong wish. Slowly the meaning of blessings and curses dawned. The progress of understanding the meaning of prayer and evolution of methods of prayers as I said earlier, is individual-specific.

Now on India’s fight against COVID19 :

I make observations based on the limited information I get from different sources. Only when I respond in the media or write an article for publication, I recheck what I write.
All through my life, including my official career, there were several occasions when I had to follow instructions blindly or do things which I was not comfortable with or when my information or education was inadequate to convince myself about the rights and wrongs of decisions I was compelled to make. I luckily knew my strengths and weaknesses and could keep my ignorance a "secret", sometimes.
 The chaos we are in the middle of is one such situation. This will also pass, sooner than many of us imagine.

M G Warrier
Blog 5111
March 19, 2020
*Also read "Concepts of God and Prayer" @WarriersViews, Times of India

From here and there:
In his address to the people, President Trump* is reported having said yesterday(March 18, 2020)

“It's a war, I view it as a war, in a sense, a wartime president. It's a very tough situation.”

Today PM Modi is addressing the nation at 8 PM to similarly announce appropriate measures.
It's expected that Centre would also marshall all the national resources, public and private, to fight the menace threatening the world.
*Source: A mail received from my friend Sitendra Kumar


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