Aparokshaanubhuthi: Understanding Self


Communication with self

M G Warrier

Communication is the most easy and the most difficult art we learn during our lives. From the first cry of the new-born child to the "communication with God" god-men  and spiritual leaders talk about, there exist a variety of different methods and languages of communication.
As communication with God may be incomprehensible for some and confusing for others, let us substitute "SELF" for God. 
The whole scenario changes. For advanced learning on the subject, a small text titled "Aparokshaanubhuthi"
(144 stanzas in Sanskrit) attributed to Adi Shankaracharya is available.
Treatises like Aparokshanubhuti (which roughly translates to "Self Realization), aim at serving as introductions to a more advanced study of a system of philosophy.
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