Time is only one of the ingredients to make life purposeful

Free time alone is not enough to start writing- Facing the reality

Dear Ashwin
The world will come out of its "self-imposed" quarantine sooner than many of us think. And this planet will be a better and cleaner place to accommodate life.
The only uncertainty is about the rich, powerful and the greedy. Let's hope they will also measure their needs during this period of time. And think about raising CSR from 2 percent to 20 percent or more. Otherwise, market will find its own level, as players and rules of the game will be different.
Though I write, I'm not a writer. Still, you can, if you do not find anything else worthwhile to do, find me at
WarriersViews @ Reader's Blog @ Times of India.
Though I am not an author, I have published some books. Know more by a Google search for m g warrier.
Thanks and Regards
Normalcy will be back soon

M G Warrier


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