Pleasant superstition: Mad, Mad, Mad World!

An unplanned trip to the land of Jagannath- Pleasant superstition! 

The subject line doesn't factually convey what I have in mind. Like some press statements. Suffice to assume that I'm happy and I'm not so sure about the rationale of the thoughts in this story.
Nothing works according to our plans, is something everyone will agree, at least after the corona outbreak. We in Kerala learned this universal truth like "karathalaamalakam" during floods. Make the best of every situation, by trusting in fate! 
Miracles do happen. As a nine-year-old, I have traveled in a rowing-boat with villagers for hours in flood waters to cross a river which overflowed and occupied a kilometer each on either side. My destination was my sister's house on the other side of the river, two kilometers away. And today, you are destined to read this. No, retrospective prayers are not registered at God's office.
It's a "Mad, Mad, Mad World!" (Remember that movie?😊)

M G Warrier


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