Story of King Parikshit : Crime and Punishment

Crime and punishment

M G Warrier

In today's world, it is worthwhile to remember the story of King Parikshit.
Many of us who have near and dear ones in different parts of the world are still not out from the shock COVID19 has successfully spread everywhere. Many of the jokes on coronavirus are competing among themselves for becoming more viral than the virus itself. Trollers who make a living from the leftovers of the mainstream media are working overtime. 
Today, one article in the internet consoled me that the probability of my dying from COVID19 is less than that of my meeting with the maker with the support of a lightning. He further threatened me that this or some other virus capable of triggering symptoms attributed to coronavirus is likely to be around for many years. Many infections may not be life-threatening.
Early morning today, along with the news about RBI having initiated timely action to protect the interests of YES Bank depositors, a message with the following comment landed in my mailbox: "Behind every successful businessman, there's a Nationalized Bank"
The joke is about Indian PSBs and Indian businessmen. I enjoyed reading it and responded:
"Some businessmen who entered the swimming pools in UK following King Parikshit's advice are refusing to move out of water"
Now read the story using this link.

M G Warrier
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March 6, 2020


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