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What is Wrong with Baadshah’s Genda Phool? : Cool, Hot and Swag!

Postpone reading this if you don't like to think about things different from what your mind is programmed to think about, by the inputs that have been pouring in from all around for the last few weeks.
If you need a diversion, this article will help.
 I read it to the last word and all comments posted so far. The writer is a language teacher by profession, born in West Bengal in 1981.
The article trends at the top of "Most Read" category @ Times Readers' Blogs just now (March 30, 2020 at 6 30 a m) That's what took me to the piece. Let me know what you think. Language is terse, sharp and several words/issues  including Nirbhaya, Plagiarism, Sex, Toilet, Literature, Bollywood and Folklore appear in the article. The writer is representing a generation which is neglected by its predecessors, Media and the Senior Citizens who still consider that governance, mainstream media and freedom of speech and expression are their inheritance which can be passed on only to "the survivors"
Disclaimer: I am not much familiar with several aspects of literature, music, alleged plagiarism and folklore covered in the article.
M G Warrier


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