When days disappeared from the calendar

Why did 11 days disappear in 1752? - Lifestyle - The Augusta Chronicle - Augusta, GA

On Sunday (March 29, 2020) morning I woke up at 5 30 a m and switched off the alarm. Among message alerts, I saw "An important announcement". I thought I can read it after finishing more important duties. After sitting in the bed for 90 seconds, as is the practice, proceeded to bathroom and finished up to brushing my teeth. Had some water. Time 5 50 a m.
Was ready to read messages. First one was the "Important Announcement" which turned out to be a whatsapp forward which read:
"For those who have forgotten...
Today is Sunday!"
Yes. Sometimes, day, date etc get lost in other priorities. Or become insignificant when next day is just another day.
Anyway, the forward reminded an old controversy. Please open the link to know more!

M G Warrier
Blog 5138
March 30, 2020


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