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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday April 21, 2021 Ikigai* : https://positivepsychology.com/ikigai/ (Link Selected by: Reshmy Warrier Mumbai) *See D "Benefits from a worthy life" Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier M AUTO SUGGESTION: https://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/health-fitness/de-stress/the-power-of-auto-suggestion/amp_articleshow/70188444.cms A Satsangam with Panchapagesan: Why do we need a Guru? Ignorance begets fear. Knowledge begets Confidence. GU is ignorance RU is Remover.. Just imagine, a city without streets, a country without treasure, a merchant without business and a life without a Guru are all considered the same.. Life sometimes seems very much complicated. There is pleasure, pain, happiness, suffering, generosity, greed, passion and also dispassion.. Our mind becomes unable to handle these leading to total breakdown.. We need someone at that time who can retrieve us from the turmoil and chaos.. Guru is like a circuit-breaker, saving us from unknown fears developed within us. He acts as an awakening spirit removing misery prevailing within us.. In our consciousness, wisdom comes to life through a Guru who transforms our life by his spiritual awakening bringing it back to normalcy by his innovative method removing ignorance and fear within us. The grace of the Guru is like an ocean. If one comes with a cup, he will only get a cupful. It is no use complaining of niggardliness of the ocean..says Bhagwan Ramanar.. "The Guru cannot awaken us, all that he can do is to point what is right. In words, in explanation, the symbols of the mind, but the symbol is not the real." Says Jiddu Krishnamurthi. Our mind is disturbed by our past action. Slowly and steadily with Guru’s Grace and by our constant effort, it is possible to come out of the muddle for which our own cooperation Is vital. It is just like a teacher teaches the student and the student instead of listening, if his mind is diverted elsewhere, his presence though physically available, he cannot learn.. A Guru is like a teacher. It is for us to learn with an aptitude and frame of mind. Lethargy in us will try to dominate but our attitude has to be changed removing the negativity prevailing within us....... V.T. Panchapagesan. FLASH: Attention, WhatsApp users https://m.businesstoday.in/lite/story/indias-cyber-agency-issues-high-severity-security-warning-for-whatsapp-users/1/436889.html B Interaction 1) C V Subbaraman Mysuru "The Smile and the Ballad were very enjoyable! Beauty and Beautiful dress have been the central theme of many great works in this world. And the slavery of man too likewise." Subbaraman 2) A P Ramadurai Cheñnai Many interesting features in Collage today 1)Sri P.B.Rajagopalan on Kenya—Asia. Africa and Australia were indeed long back part of a humongous land mass. As a matter of curiosity, I have seen an Indonesian currency note inter alia, showing the value in Tamil. Indonesia is the largest Muslim population country –still it has many Hindu temples and many idols of Hindu gods. Hindus apparently are not objects of hate. 2) Ms Anita is a lady extraordinaire-wears with aplomb many hats I remember an article-I may have wrongly attributed it to her-(What is Nataraja’s statue doing in CERN, Switzerland?). I could not send it to the forum (too long). As usual, I deleted the message While trying to trace it in You Tube, I came across the following links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaC6xpJpSyk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzKADY017RE. The second bears the title-Shiva statue CRN/Tamil/Madan Gowri/MG. Coincidence? C Spirituality/Mythology: Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai (a) Is Gita a mere concept? The greatest catastrophe that has happened to religion is it has become words,it has become concepts,it has become dogmas and principles but never a belief system. We listen to so many discourses yet there is no transformation in us. Because we have not cared to build a spiritual apparatus to bring about the alchemy in us. For this listening is not enough.There are three processes shrotavyam, manthavyam and nidhidyasitavyam-that you have to listen, learn to reflect and then learn to meditate. We know the story.A guru was giving a gross looking forest fruit daily to a king. The king threw it into the basement. After 100 days the king wanted to clean the basement. He gave a fruit to the palace monkey. The monkey started eating the fruit., it found a dazzling diamond within. An enlightment arose in the king's mind. So long he has been seeing the outer layer and how he has discarded the wonderful gems given by the guru.He apologised to the Guru. Every moment in marriage, child birth,or even death,there is a divine message. The king was none other than the great Vikramaaditya of Vikram aur Vetal.We know how Vetaal is telling so many riddles in the form of stories and asks a question at the end.Each time Vikram answers and vetal goes back to the tree. Every one wants to be happy and wants to remove the sorrow. For achieving this you have two conditions to meet: 1 You have to be extremely aware like Vikram. 2 You have to be inwardly very silent. Otherwise we will gain only concepts. Mere rattling of Gita, quoting mantras without being existentially aware, is going to remain as word, words and words only. WHEN you are aware and you are also reciting they join together to create a synergy. When such synergy is created, we get not only knowledge (Gnaanam), but also wisdom (Vignaanam). This wisdom is able to create harmony amidst conflict. Krishna was able to create this type of harmony in Arjuna's mind while there was a conflicting situation of war. You get angry. Then you get angry because you are angry. When you feel guilty that you are angry, you become angry that you have to feel guilty. When you feel upset about this another anger starts rising. When you become angry, just create a harmony with that anger and try to see the reason. Once you see the cause, anger gets diffused. "Kaarana abhave, Kaarya abhaavaha". The cause is removed. Effect also ceases. The essence of Gita is " Don't create a conflict amidst conflict. Creat a harmony in conflict". It is this first lesson that creates an awakening and transformation in Arjuna. Vathsala jayaraman ( Vathsala Madam has churned out the essence of Gita for us. In a non technical, fluent and surprisingly simple words. The message is great. How many of Gita admirers have attained the mentally matured status of a Stitaprajna ( ஸ்திதப்ரக்ஞ ) ? Harmony amidst conflict ? She pertinently asks that question also. R Parthasarathy via Group mail 2) GITA is to be understood for a common lay man:: GIve first and then TAke For which one has to develop A state of mind..without ill feelings.. Work in any form is worship... Whoever he or she may be... Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan) (b) Rama, you too....are a boatman! Ramayana is a well known story throughout the world. But certain interpretations make it more spicy. Shri Rama, Lakshmana and sage Valmiki were going along the forest. They had to cross a tumultuous river.They met a fisherman who was willing to take them across. As Rama was about to get into the boat, the boatman prevented him and said"Please wash your legs well before entering the boat." Rama looked here and there. The boat was already not very clean.As he was staring, the boatman continued," O Rama, I hear that a stone getting into contact with your pada dhuli( dirt from your feet) was converted into a woman ( Ahalya). Now if you enter my boat with dirt and if my boat is transformed into a lady, what will I do? I will not only lose the only source of my livelihood and but will also have to support an additional member. Rama heartily laughed.The boatman himself washed Rama's feet perfectly so that no dirt could get in. Happily they reached the other shore. Rama as a token of affection gave a ring to the boatman. The boatman politely refused and said, "it is not proper for one boatman to receive a gift from another boatman". Shri Rama was astonished to hear his words. He slowly said,"I am a prince" The boatman said,"No:you are a boatman.Holding the help of your holy feet,the boat,people cross the ocean of Samsara and attain Mukthi.If I get a gift from you now for crossing the small river,what gift can I give you,the boatman, when you really take me across the samsara sagara towards the eternal? Rama smiled. His mandha haasa conveyed a special meaning to the boatman. Vathsala Jayaraman D Benefit from a worthy life https://positivepsychology.com/ikigai/ Excerpts: "The concept of ikigai is said to have evolved from the basic health and wellness principles of traditional Japanese medicine. This medical tradition holds that physical wellbeing is affected by one’s mental–emotional health and sense of purpose in life. Japanese psychologist Michiko Kumano (2017) has said that ikigai is a state of wellbeing that arises from devotion to activities one enjoys, which also brings a sense of fulfillment. Michiko further distinguishes ikigaifrom transitory pleasure (hedonia, in the ancient Greek sense) and aligns it with eudaimonia – the ancient Greek sense of a life well lived, leading to the highest and most lasting form of happiness. E Crime: History https://madrascourier.com/insight/how-the-nazis-used-music-to-celebrate-facilitate-murder/ Excerpts: "When I was researching my book “Drunk on Genocide: Alcohol and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany,” I was struck by the ways in which music accompanied deaths in the camps, the ghettos and the killing fields. Beautiful music accompanying murder and rape is a bizarre and disturbing juxtaposition. But its use by the perpetrators to torture their victims and to celebrate their acts reveals not only the darker side of its use but also offers insights into the festive mindset of the killers as they participated in genocide." F Leisure Symptoms of Dimentia*: Please remember the following! ... Badrinarayanan Early dementia symptoms and signs Word-finding difficulty: May be able to compensate by using synonyms or defining the word Forgetting names, appointments, or whether or not the person has done something; losing things Difficulty performing familiar tasks: Driving, cooking a meal, household chores, managing personal finances Personality changes (for example, sociable person becomes withdrawn or a quiet person is coarse and silly) Uncharacteristic behavior Mood swings, often with brief periods of anger or rage Poor judgment Behavior disorders: Paranoia and suspiciousness Decline in level of functioning but able to follow established routines at home Confusion, disorientation in unfamiliar surroundings: May wander, trying to return to familiar surroundings Difficulty or inability to multitask *Forward received via Group mail (My response (In lighter vein) And rewrite the same suggestions in your own words as far as possible avoiding the words in the text. Compare both. If you are satisfied, you need to do the same exercise only on April 20, 2022. If you feel uncomfortable, read Warrier's Collage everyday. You'll find it's an everyday affair. Will get used to it 🙏-Warrier) G Quotes about crime https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/crime-quotes Like: 'The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime." -Max Stimer ( Johann Kaspar Schmidt, known professionally as Max Stirner, was a German post-Hegelian philosopher, dealing mainly with the Hegelian notion of social alienation and self-consciousness)


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