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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday April 23, 2021 A differently challenged budding artist: Joyal Biju from Wayanad Kerala https://youtu.be/LyMwJmNPqRI https://imfpa.org/artists/joyal-biju (Links Courtesy: Prem Anand Kannur) H Obituary: M Narasimham, Ex-Governor, RBI Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier M A Interaction 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai My sincere thanks to all my friends who have patiently gone through the long snippet and responded with kindness. Some spoke to me over the phone also. Vathsala Jayaraman 2) C V Subbaraman Mysuru U K Sarma I am sad to hear about the demise of Shri U K Sarma. I had occasions to interact with him frankly and closely when he was Chief of DBOD. I had hotly discussed with him the need to remove cultivation of tobacco from the list of priority sector advances: "tobacco is the greatest killer of human beings and unless RBI and Government consider killing human beings is a priority item, we should consider removing these advances for cultivation of tobacco from the list of priority sector advances" I told him. He agreed. "But", he said, "cultivation of tobacco provides employment to a large number of farmers and the produce is a good foreign exchange earner". "It is true", I said and added:"the unfortunate flesh trade in several metros and towns also provides employment to a large number of fallen women, would we consider any advances (of money) to them also in the priority character?" Shri Sarma laughed noddingly, but advised me " Subbaraman, please do not make out this case to Central Office!; I am saying this, because you are sometimes unsparing even when writing to Central Office." Subbaraman 3) Chandramauleeswaran Bangalore Good morning. He is U. K. Sarma. ‘ ‘H’ is not there. He is from Andhra. He should have been a few years less than 90 years old. Mrs Vathsala Jayaraman’s write up shows in crystal clear terms that till your life is destined to last, it would last regardless of the health issues. Abraham Lincoln’s life was one shining example. He had tuberculosis, underwent surgeries and his health was anything but robust. He failed in many things in life but finally became the President of USA and that too not an ordinary President but one who would be remembered for all time to come in USA as he is a legendary figure whose life is a source of great inspiration. Imagine he was a Republican and that Trump is also a Republican. It is therefore not only in our country, the quality of political leadership has reached its nadir. Many of your readers might have heard of the book “ God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins*. He considers religion as the root of all evil as against the popular saying that ‘ money is the root of all evil” and Bernard Shaw’s statement ( I hope I am not wrong in saying it is Bernard Shaw). It is a highly provocative book. One has to concede his point that in the name of religion, many atrocities were and are being committed. I would like some of your learned readers and writers- I am ruling myself out of this category- to write about the book and the arguments made in it. Chandramouliswaran. (Sir Thanks for the response and the HBL link. Noted the correction. Regards πŸ™-Warrier) *Related link: https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/22/books/review/Holt.t.html?auth=login-google1tap&login=google1tap 4) V N Kelkar Satsngam with Panchapagesan *R_A_M_A_Y_A_N_A* ‘ *Ra* ’ means *light*, ‘ *Ma* ’ means *within me*, *in my heart*. So, *Rama* means the *Light Within Me*.. *Rama* was born to *Dasharath & Kousalya*. *Dasharath* means ‘ *10 Chariots* ’.. The ten chariots symbolize the *5 sense organs*( *Gnanendriya* ) & *5 organs of action*( *Karmendriya* ) .. *Kousalya* means ‘ *Skill* ’.. *The skillful rider of the 10 chariots can give birth to Ram*.. When the 10 chariots are used skillfully, *Radiance* is born within.. *Rama* was born in *Ayodhya*. *Ayodhya* means ‘ *a place where no war can happen* ’.. When There Is No Conflict In Our Mind, Then The Radiance Can Dawn.. The *Ramayana* is not just a story which happened long ago.. It has a *philosophical*, *spiritual significance* and a *deep truth* in it.. It is said that the *Ramayana is happening in our Own Body*. Our *Soul* is *Rama*, Our *Mind* is *Sita*, Our *Breath* or *Life-Force* ( *Prana*) is *Hanuman*, Our *Awareness* is *Laxmana* and Our *Ego* is *Ravana*.. When the *Mind* (Sita),is stolen by the *Ego* (Ravana), then the *Soul* (Rama) gets *Restless*.. Now the *SOUL* (Rama) cannot reach the *Mind* (Sita) on its own.. It has to take the help of the *Breath – the Prana* (Hanuman) by Being In *Awareness*(Laxmana) With the help of the *Prana* (Hanuman), & *Awareness*(Laxmana), The *Mind* (Sita) got reunited with The *Soul* (Rama) and The *Ego* (Ravana) *died/ vanished*.. *In reality Ramayana is an eternal phenomenon happening all the time*..πŸ™πŸ» *WISHES YOU & YOUR FAMILY* πŸ™πŸ» *HAPPY RAM NAVMI*πŸ™πŸ» Forward VNKelkar 5) S K Gupta Panchkula The 'real' life story of Madam Vathsala Jayaraman appears to be some 'reel' story. Hats off to her for so bravely, patiently and successfully tackling such an unimaginable situation. In fact, one just can't even imagine her resultant mental trauma and physical stress experienced by her. Occurence of all such touching incidents in one's life time usually refuse to go off the mind despite all out efforts. But then, it all may be fate driven. May God bless her with his kindness and courage to deal with her recent past. 2. Krishna-Arjuna conversation truly exemplifies the egoistic attitude of most of us. 3. Extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of all our colleagues who recently left for their heavenly abode. Thanks and Regards B Satsangam Breathing, AUM...: V T Panchapagesan Chennai Today we are all living in a state of uncertainty.. Fear grips us all round. We are fortunate as we are not only getting Pension regularly but also we are covered with MΓ©dical Insurance .... When I see very many people around me, their pattern of living is something unthinkable.......without solution.....but life goes on.. We have one thing common in us and that is PRANA.. The life force or all the energy manifested in the universe is known as Prana.. It is not just the act of breathing, it is the power that enables the humans to breathe.. It is not energy, it is the power which gives force to energy.. According to Kaushitaki Upanishad, Prana is the basis of life. It rules over the senses like mind, sight, speech and hearing.. It compares Prana to Brahman, Manas to a messenger, sight to a guard, speech to a house keeper and hearing to an informant... This makes it very clear that Prana is way superior to all the senses and it is the consciousness that defines the sense of life of a human being.. Although speech, sight, hearing and mind left the human body, there was still life and when Prana left the body there was no life .. There was no life despite the presence of all the senses.... AUM which is a universal sound, functions in three ways. Inhale, retain and exhale.....poorakam, kumbhakam & rechakam.. For our longevity of living.. Today Corona is threatening us in many ways. We wear mask, observing social distance, isolation, etc, etc but with all that, We have not yet found a tangible solution......for tiding over this menace.. But AUM is a universal sound which we all know can be tried by saying it as many times as possible daily. This humming for about 20 seconds or more gives nitric oxide to our nostrils which is a signaling molecule in Physiology Discovering it as a Cardiovascular signaling module... We can try chanting daily as many times as possible wherever we are... Which will give relief tiding over the crisis we are facing. After all, this is in our hands but only will and application of mind is required... V. T. Panchapagesan.. C God Delusion: Richard Dawkins https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/22/books/review/Holt.t.html?auth=login-google1tap&login=google1tap Excerpt: "Dawkins’s case against religion follows an outline that goes back to Bertrand Russell’s classic 1927 essay “Why I Am Not a Christian.” First, discredit the traditional reasons for supposing that God exists. (“God” is here taken to denote the Judeo-Christian deity, presumed to be eternal, all-powerful, all-good and the creator of the world.) Second, produce an argument or two supporting the contrary hypothesis, that God does not exist. Third, cast doubt on the transcendent origins of religion by showing that it has a purely natural explanation. Finally, show that we can have happy and meaningful lives without worshiping a deity, and that religion, far from being a necessary prop for morality, actually produces more evil than good. The first three steps are meant to undermine the truth of religion; the last goes to its pragmatic value." D Personality Development: Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Be not satisfied with intelligence. You have to be smart and tactful. There is a small story in Mahabharatha. There was a wild cat and a rat. The cat was after the rat. The rat entered the hole and the cat was waiting for the rat to come out. The cat was tired of waiting. It started leaving. While going back it was caught into a hunter's net. He began to struggle. The rat heard the noise from the hole. The rat came out with confidence. At that time a large bird was coming in that direction and it was sure to attack the rat. Now the rat got an idea.It started negotiating with the cat. " A bird is coming towards me.Allow me to stay with you inside the net. If you save me, I will cut the net and save you." The cat needed an escape.It agreed. The rat went inside the net and sat on the lap of the cat. Now the cat had a chance of good dinner.But if the rat is eaten the cat could not go out. The bird flew away. The hunter may come at any time. The cat urged the rat to cut the net. The rat went round the net,cut small pieces and came off. The cat got restless and hurried the rat. The rat firmly sais," I will certainly honour my word. I will save you, but can't say when" The rat did some pradkashinam, cut a few strands and came off. The cat was urging. The rat was just waiting for the hunter to arrive. When the hunter came very close, the rat cut off the net in a big way.The cat escaped and the rat ran into the hole." The rat's little daughter asked, "Mummy, why did you cut off the net early?' The rat said: "If I cut the net too fast, ,the cat would have eaten. In the vicinity of the enemy hunter, the cat would be in a mood to escape and not to eat me.' The cat will never change" In real life situations too,you have to be close to the enemy, help him but dont expect him to change. Take Lord Krishna. He was not only intelligent but also tactful. He was so full. He was a warrior, playful, intense and relaxed. He was fully in the moment, whether perfect or imperfect. There is nothing wrong in being some what imperfect. But there is a beauty in imperfection too and ther is personal excellence in imperfection also. There are so many Tamilians doing business in Mumbai and hindi speaking people doing business in Chennai. Not that they talk perfect Hindi or tamil, but enjoy their own imperfect way of speaking There is a beauty in imperfection.If you dont enjoy the beauty, you will become tense leading to failure This is also a way of creating a harmony in conflict.Ultimate aim is success Therefore learn to love your ignorance also. Vathsala jayaraman E Interview Kobad Ghandy https://amp.scroll.in/article/990841/why-i-am-a-communist-activist-kobad-ghandy-on-ideology-and-utopia Excerpts: "Ghandy explains why he was attracted to Marxism as a volunteer with anti-racism groups in London in the late 1960s. His association with radical politics deepened when he returned to Mumbai in 1972, as he began to do social work in the Dalit-dominated Mayanagar slum near his home on the posh Worli Sea Face. He joined PROYOM, the Progressive Youth Movement, and came into contact with leaders of the city’s most important trade unions. Also a member of PROYOM was Arunadha Shanbag, who would become his wife and partner in the quest for social justice. Ghandy’s descriptions of her influence on his life and ideas make for some of the warmest sections on Fractured Freedom. In the last chapter, Ghandy suggests that the world could be transformed with the introduction of a new set of values that he describes as the “Anuradha- model”. She died of malaria in 2008. In this interview, Kobad Ghandy talks about India’s present predicament and his vision for social change." F Story Time with V N Kelkar THE FAITH OF THE SPARROW The battlefield of Kurukshetra was being prepared to facilitate the movement of mammoth armies with large cavalries. They used elephants to uproot trees and clear the ground. On one such tree lived a sparrow, a mother of four young ones. As the tree was being knocked down, her nest landed on the ground along with her offspring -too young to fly- miraculously unharmed. The vulnerable and frightened sparrow looked around for help. Just then she saw Krishna scanning the field with Arjuna. They were there to physically examine the battleground and devise a winning strategy before the onset of the war. She flapped her tiny wings with all her might to reach Krishna's chariot. "Please save my children, O Krishna, " the sparrow pleaded. "They will be crushed tomorrow when this battle starts." " I hear you," said He, the omniscient one, but I can't interfere with the law of nature." "All I know is that you are my saviour, O Lord. I rest my children's fate in your hands. You can kill them or you can save them, it's up to you now" "The wheel of Time moves indiscriminately," Krishna spoke like an ordinary man implying that there wasn't anything he could do about it. "I don't know your philosophy," the sparrow said with faith and reverence. "You are the wheel of time. That's all I know. I surrender to thee." "Stock food for three weeks in your nest then." Unaware of the ongoing conversation, Arjuna was trying to shoo away the sparrow when Krishna smiled at the bird. She fluttered her wings a few minutes in obeisance and flew back to her nest. Two days later, just before the boom of conches announced the commencement of the battle, Krishna asked Arjuna for his bow and arrow. Arjuna was startled because Krishna had vowed to not lift any weapon in the war. Besides, Arjuna believed that he was the best archer out there. "Order me, Lord," he said with conviction, "there's nothing impenetrable for my arrows." Quietly taking the bow from Arjuna, Krishna took aim at an elephant. But, instead of bringing the animal down, the arrow hit the bell around its neck and sparks flew. Arjuna couldn't restrain a chuckle seeing that Krishna had missed an easy mark. "Should I?" He offered. Again ignoring his reaction, Krishna gave him back the bow and said that no further action was necessary. "But why did you shoot the elephant Keshav?" Arjun asked. "Because it was this elephant that knocked down the tree sheltering that sparrow's nest." "Which sparrow?" Arjun exclaimed. "Plus, the elephant is unhurt and alive. Only the bell is gone!" Dismissing Arjuna's questions, Krishna instructed him to blow his conch. The war began, numerous lives were lost over the next eighteen days. The Pandavas won in the end. Once again, Krishna took Arjuna with him to inspect the ruddy field. Many corpses still lay there awaiting their funeral. The battleground was littered with severed limbs and heads, lifeless steeds and elephants. Krishna stopped at a certain spot and looked down thoughtfully at an elephant-bell. "Arjuna," he said, "will you lift this bell for me and put it aside?" The instruction, though simple, made little sense to Arjuna. After all, in the vast field where plenty of other things needed clearing, why would Krishna ask him to move an insignificant piece of metal out of the way? He looked at him questioningly. "Yes, this bell," Krishna reiterated. "It's the same bell that came off the neck of the elephant I had shot at." Arjuna bent down to lift the heavy bell without another question. As soon as he lifted it though, his world changed, forever. One, two, three, four and five. Four young birds flew out one after another followed by a sparrow. The mother bird swirled in a circle around Krishna, circumambulating him in great joy. The one bell cleaved eighteen days ago had protected the entire family. "Forgive me, O Krishna," said Arjuna. "Seeing you in a human body and behaving like ordinary mortals, I had forgotten who you really are." Let's stay in the bell till Krishna says it's safe to come out πŸ™πŸ» G Quotes about Communism https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/communism-quotes H Obituary*: M Narasimham Ex-Governor RBI https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/money-and-banking/m-narasimham-father-of-banking-reforms-dead/article34368996.ece https://www.business-standard.com/article/finance/father-of-banking-reforms-narasimham-passes-away-at-94-121042001279_1.html Former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Maidavolu Narasimham passed away in Hyderabad on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. He was 94. May his Soul Rest in Peace. πŸ™-M G Warrier Mumbai *HBL Link Courtesy: A Chandramauleeswaran, Bangalore ( M Narasimham was the first and so far the only Governor to be appointed from the Reserve Bank cadre, having joined the Bank as a Research Officer in the Economic Department. He later joined the Government and prior to his appointment as Governor he served as Additional Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs. He had a short tenure of seven months as Governor. He later served as Executive Director for India at the World Bank and thereafter at the IMF after which he served in the Ministry of Finance as Secretary. He was chairperson of the Committee on the Financial System, 1991 and the Committee of Banking Sector Reforms, 1998)


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