Warrier's Collage April 24, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday April 24, 2021 (I have A Dream: Martin Luther King Jr) https://youtu.be/_yOBncaiito https://www.naacp.org/i-have-a-dream-speech-full-march-on-washington/#:~:text=sisters%20and%20brothers.-,I%20have%20a%20dream%20today!,This%20is%20our%20hope. (Links Selected by: M G Warrier Mumbai) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier M G Warrier: Books https://www.amazon.com/M-G-Warrier/e/B079ZC3JKX%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share A Interaction 1) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Today's Collage is wonderful, with all its moral lessons, and lessons in philosophical truth behind Ramayana, etc. Vathsala Jayaraman spoke at length and ended with our love for our own ignorance! Yes, there is an essay titled "Pleasures of Ignorance"* by, I think, Robert Lynd. But for the ignorance of Man, which urges him to put questions for answers, many great works like Gita and Bhagavatham would not have come into being. We should be indebted to Arjuna and Parikshit for putting questions to the Lord and to the Great Shukabrahma who gave these great works. The great Aadi Shankara also says that knowledge can be developed only by putting questions: Prashna Prashneti.....It is the human ignorance about many things that prompts researchers all over the world to constantly struggle every day in pursuit of solutions. The greatness of man lies in admitting this ignorance. Socrates is considered great not because he knew so much more than an ordinary man but because at the age of 70 he had the moral strength to realise and admit the truth that he knew nothing! Should we then remain ignorant, treating ignorance as a virtue. Such a view is perverse. We should use our ignorance to move towards knowledge to remove as much as of it. The area of ignorance is very vast and human knowledge is only an infinitesimal part outside it. Subbaraman (Thank you Sir. Responses like this inspire Collage to expand its horizon and forget temporary setbacks 🙏-Warrier) *A related link: https://www.thoughtco.com/pleasures-of-ignorance-by-robert-lynd-1690173 2) M L Jayaram Nayar Shri U K Sarma I was in touch with him as A co Follow up. Straightforward, he was instrumental in helping me do the groundwork for Traders Bank moratorium. He was also strict with Suneja Chair of New Bank. Suneja could sense the end of the bank. He wanted to merge all the Kerala banks but somehow could not go ahead owing to some interests. He wrote strongly to defend RBI report of Radhakrishnan sir on the Rajan Pillai scam. He gave me clearance to quietly refer to CBI though it was much beyond an ACO powers. Many years later when CBI asked for the file, I asked my trusted Assistant to retrieve it from where we kept away from probable file lifters. He (Sarma) was strong on words, kind in heart. I must also tribute to my elder brother like Aravind. My landing in BTC as a faculty was made extremely comfortable by Aravind. He was protective and a source of support. I have lost good friend in Vijayabhaskar and now Aravind. B Stress Management: V T Panchapagesan Chennai Stress and Strain plague life today.. Throughout the world people succumb to life’s trials and tribulations. Worry and Anxiety infest people’s thoughts.. Sorrow and Suffering disturb our mind. Stress-related disease is reaching epidemic proportions, exacting a heavy toll on the quality of human life.. Stress management courses have mushroomed everywhere.. The course trainers offer remedies to stress without reaching the root of the problem..Prescribed treatments such as time management, regular exercise, healthy diet and other such disciplines may help to reduce stress In the short term. But they do not provide the real solution to the suffering masses. They have been tackling the problem from the wrong end and they believe that arises from external factors...environments and situations.. They try to rectify the outer world for gaining peace and happiness.. It cannot be achieved that way.. Peace and Stress are parts of a State of Mind.. The true key to stress management is Self-management.. It is difficult to find happiness in oneself but it is impossible to find it anywhere else. Yet, people continue to seek happiness everywhere except in oneself... Desire, Anger, Delusion, Greed, Arrogance, Envy & Fear generate menta Agitations causing stress in human lives... We develop unreasonable expectations from our contacts.. Ego is Self-consciousness. It is a part of our subtle body which constitutes our inner personality.. Meditation is the art of keeping the mind aloft in sharp focus upon a single thought to the exclusion of all other thoughts.. The steady, single-pointed conscious mental absorption in the thought of The Self leads to Supreme Self. The ultimate experience wherein we enjoy absolute freedom from stress... We have to try step by step with service-oriented sincerity in our approach, Self controlled living towards relieving from Stress and Strain .. V. T. Panchapagesan.. C Happiness in small things: Vathsala Jayaraman FINDING HAPPINESS IN SIMPLE THINGS IS A CHALLENGE We are often advised to find happiness in simple things. Is is too exhilarating to think of childhood days. A very big thatched house with three pyols,a small service space called rezhi, a small bed room in which appa alone could enter,a very big hall of nearly 900 sq. feet; that was our kingdom, to run, fight and play. There were nearly six cloth hangers for infants to sleep. It can be expected of any joint family with seven couples, two grandmas and around 16 kids, infants and young. Our visiting place was only the big temple with three prakarams where we used to play hide and seek behind the carved stony pillars,playing on the road, walking to kollidam river, jump swim and dance in waters facing the wrath of elders, a type of enjoyment amidst irritation. A big house without electricity. Home work etc has to be completed before evening on the pyol steps. A tuff fight amomg cousins for using the only lantern that was made available for studies. Elder cousins would keep the lantern in such a way that the glass portion exhibiting max light is facing them. There was 'halchal, confusion, shouting, hits and fights. But all will disppear soon resulting in uncontrollable laughter and jolly mood. Life moves on. We got power supply only when I was 20. Living without power was no problem for 20 years. But once when we got electricity we got aclimatized to it and we could not live without electricity even for half an hour. A lot has changed since then. Two miles walk to High school, a small bus journey to college. It was an experience to walk four kms from the college whenever I lost a two paisa coin that would have fallen out from the geometry box ( that was my purse) The shift for job, marriage, children, house, trains and air travels, hotels and restaurants, some possessions and a bank balance. On the way, there have been many simple things but simply got overlooked. What we began to think was that big things give pleasure or happiness. The smaller simple things were just a passing phase. We could have taken pleasure in these simple small things but that proved to be a challenge in the face of bigger and more rewarding things to do. The innocent giggling of the children, their tantrums, their tiny steps, their growing up phase, all were no consequence to the race for our own growth. The flight to be caught overshadowed the rainbow in the sky. The flower bloom in the spring was no more than a screen behind the podium of the seminar hall. Season after seasons the trees in the backyard wore new leaves but cried for appreciation. We try to find happiness in bigger things and in the process, the simple and small things vie for our attention and that is the challenge we face in our life. I long to to go and live in that big house of ours at least for a week. Alas, it does not belong to us any more. A big wedding hall stands there with all paraphernalia. There was some pleasure in the darkness,there was some laugh about ghostly shades of the dark walls. I am reminded of a poem by Davis, reproduced below, that was a part of our syllabus in high school but the true meaning of the poem could be realized now only. Leisure What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows. No time to see, when woods we pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass. No time to see, in broad daylight, Streams full of stars, like skies at night. No time to turn at Beauty's glance, And watch her feet, how they can dance. No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eyes began. A poor life this is if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. William Henry Davies Childhood memories are always very sweet. We feel good when we think of those days. There it ends. Later part of life clustered with ambitions, passions, how to earn money, taking care of family....a big balancing act. Cannot do justice to every aspect. To get some we have to forego some other things. In the midst of all these we do feel happy about bygone childhood days. If we stand and stare....fine..we can do. But we lose some other things too. We do have small pleasures even now. I understood their value only in these pandemic days. Today went out to the bank and do some small small chores. I felt..."World is beautiful in spite of many imperfections!!!!" Vathsala Jayaraman D From here and there 1) Heartiest Congratulations to Shri D G Kale Shri D G Kale, Ex CGM RBI [Consumer Education and Protection Department (CEPD)] has since been unanimously elected as President of AIBDA. He will be holding this Office for two years. All India Bank Depositors Association (AIBDA) is the leading NGO dealing with banks customers issues in the country. This was founded in 1969 by the Late Shri M R Pai, under the auspices of the Forum of Free Enterprise. AIBDA is invited by RBI and GoI for getting feedback on all important policy changes and new initiatives. AIBDA is always invited by RBI Governor for the pre monetary policy meetings to get inputs on interest rates, inflation outlook, customer protection measures. S. Thyagarajan (Received in Exrbites Group mail) 2) Branding books https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/digitalgolgappa/why-do-most-authors-in-general-struggle-to-create-brands-for-their-books-31057/ Excerpts: An author is a person who spends a lot of time thinking and writing his/her heart out, mostly following the passion to reach as many people as possible and create an impact on them. But due to the current scenario of thousands of books hitting the market simultaneously, most of the books get lost and may not reach the readers. Unless the person is JK Rowling or Chetan Bhagat, most of the time she would struggle to market the book to its target audience. E Shankaracharya https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/the-atma-bodha-by-shankaracharya/m-lite Excerpts: "Though Atman is Pure Consciousness and ever present everywhere, yet It is perceived by the eye-of-wisdom alone: but one whose vision is obscured by ignorance he does not see It; as the blind do not see the resplendent Sun. The ‘Jiva’ free from impurities, being heated in the fire of knowledge kindled by hearing and so on, shines of itself like gold. The Atman, the Sun of Knowledge that rises in the sky of the heart, destroys the darkness of the ignorance, pervades and sustains all and shines and makes everything to shine. He who renouncing all activities, who is free of all the limitations of time, space and direction, worships his own Atman which is present everywhere, which is the destroyer of heat and cold, which is Bliss-Eternal and stainless, becomes All-knowing and All-pervading and attains thereafter Immortality." F Leisure TASTY TALES : Thought Provoking... What's important while eating, taste or the stone in the bite A great thought In a restaurant, one well-known chef cooked very tasty pulav using high quality rice. As soon as the pulav was ready, its aroma spread all over. Everyone's mouth started watering. Now they were all eager to taste the pulav. About a hundred people were served the pulav. Just when every one was about to take the first bite & put it in their mouth, the chef came and said that there is a small stone in the pulav. As it was of the same color and size of the rice grain, he couldn't find it. He said as it may come in anybody's plate he would want them to be carefull while eating & the stone might injure them if it comes in between the teeth. The flavor of the pulav is good.... the taste is also great but now the fun of eating has gone. Everyone was like forcefully swallowing one bite after other without paying attention to the taste while eating. The more they became aware, there was no talk, no gossip among them. All were quite & silent. Before the start of the meal it was fun to be together. Now even though they were together, one by one, they fell into a trance. Everyone ate until the end. Even the last bite was taken carefully. After completing the meal everyone sighed relief for not getting the stone. They washed their hands. Just then, someone noticed that no one got the stone. Then they called the chef & asked him 'you had said that one of us will get the stone while eating! The chef said 'I had removed most of the stones, but if there was one left by mistake, I wanted to warn you. They started looking at each other. There was no discussion about the very delicious pulav. Everyone was exhausted after the meal, because the ease of eating had gone. They had found it was so hard to eat! Due to this pandemic at present, our condition has become like the stone in the pulav. It is not possible to say who will get this stone. Ease of living is gone. Even the helping hand which comes forward, we think will get Corona? Milkman, vegetable vendor, grocer,... while buying every necessities of life, we are worrying what will come with it & this is how we are living our lives! Earlier when one sneezed, we said 'God Bless' But now we think whether nature has pulled out our life or what…? No one knows how many days this will continue. But it is a humble request not to let your happy life become useless like the delicious pulav. Don't read negative news, posts. Read motivating posts, information, books. Cultivate hobbies and buy happiness in kilos & tonnes just from youself! *Forward received from S Venugopal Chennai G Quotes about "Ignorance" https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/ignorance-is-bliss-quotes Like: " Ignorance is bliss as a writer, I think." -John Prine* *Family remembers John Prine on his death anniversary (April 7, 2021): https://www.johnprine.com/news/remembering-chicago-s-john-prine-one-year-after-his-death-his-wife-and-son-talk-about-a-tough-anniversary-and-a-still-expanding-legacy


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