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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE On Thursday April 8, 2021 Mantra Raja Pada Stotram* https://youtu.be/8W7FE8Obd5Q (Link Selection: M G Warrier) *Lyrics and meaning in English: https://murpriya.blogspot.com/2010/09/mantra-raja-patha-stotram-with-meening.html?m=1 Self Development: V T Panchapagesan Chennai IGNORANCE begets FEAR. KNOWLEDGE begets CONFIDENCE. NOURISH THE BODY WITH HEALTHY FOOD. MIND WITH POSITIVE THOUGHT. SELF WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION. Learn that Knowledge is the seed, awareness is the earth.. Water is attentiveness and the light is God’s benevolent cooperation.. With this method of cultivation, the plant of understanding grows, And the flower of VIRTUE spreads its fragrance to all. Then, if an especially powerful fruit emerges, it is given to others. This is a fruit that nourishes not only The Self, but many other people. Such action which comes out of Love is a great cause for joy. There is no other better feeling than watching the self plant seeds of knowledge in the self. Through careful cultivation the self blooms. And offers the fruit of achievements to others. When we look on life as a game, certain spiritual principles must be understood and adhered to, if we want good results.. If the principles that govern life are understood and followed, there will be happiness, there will be fruit. For example, if we plant watermelon seeds in winter, they will not grow because it is the wrong season to plant them. If we plant them in sand near the Sea, they will not grow. Even if it is the right season, because the earth is not right for them. In a game, each player has a position. If the referee grabs the ball and runs with it, the game is disrupted because that was not his role. If a player pushes another deliberately, he is disqualified because that is not the way to win. The Universe has Principles too, that maintain and sustain the right to well-being of all things: human beings, animals, plants, water or earth.. If we, as actors on the stage of life, do not stick to the principles that protect the right of all things to express themselves, disorder, chaos and crisis will follow. These consequences are not sent by God. They occur because human beings do not use their freedom responsibly. Breaking rules because of selfishness and not caring about the consequences of our actions causes upheaval on many levels. How can we feel great, if we break the principles that maintain well-being.. Dadi Janki, Brahmakumaris. Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Interaction V R Chittanandam remembers C Achutha Menon A few days ago, there was a reference in the Collage to one Mr.John Mathai*. As it is a familiar name I browsed the Wikipedia. This led me to John Mathai who served the State of Kerala as its Chief Secretary during the Chief Ministership of C.Achutha Menon. The name Achutha Menon made me to recall an item which appeared in the Letters to the Editor column of Indian Express nearly forty years ago. The writer had a reserved Berth in a three tier Sleeper coach in a train going to Thiruvananthapuram. He had a lower berth. He went to the Chennai Central station and occupied the berth. After a short while, a gentleman clad in spotless white Dhoti and half sleeved shirt boarded the coach. His assistant who carried the luggage placed them beneath the berth and left. After some time this gentleman told the writer that he got the upper berth and it might be difficult for him to climb. He requested the writer whether the berths could be exchanged. The writer instantly agreed. After some time, the writer said to the gentleman, "Sir, your face appears to be familiar to me but I am not able to identify you. Will you please introduce yourself?". The gentleman replied with a benign smile, " My name is Achutha Menon and I was the Chief Minister of Kerala for a few years". Our man was dumbfounded on hearing this. He could not believe a former CM of a State travelling alone in a Second Class Sleeper coach. He asked Mr.Menon, "Sir, as a former CM you are entitled to travel in a Higher class and at least you could have requested for a lower berth which the Railways would have agreed to readily." Mr.Menon said calmly, "When berths are available in the normal course why should I resort to Emergency quota and thereby deprive another deserving passenger of his berth". What a simple and noble life Mr.Menon led. These leaders led by example. Can this be said of the present day leaders? V R Chittanandam *John Mathai IPS who retired from service as Kerala Police Chief. ( Thanks. Normally, for whatever reason, many keep good people and nice gestures in the archives of memory and keep sharing negatives which gives an impression that the world is full of "bad" people. Majority of the people are good and helpful and they sustain the show. 🙏-Warrier) B Current Affairs/Governance 1) Monetary Policy Committee Meeting outcome https://www.businesstoday.in/current/economy-politics/rbi-mpc-keeps-key-lending-rates-unchanged-maintains-accommodative-stance/story/435942.html The Reserve Bank of India on Wednesday announced key lending rates while keeping interest rates unchanged and maintained an 'accommodative' stance as the economy faces a renewed threat to growth due to the resurgence of coronavirus cases. The central bank also kept the benchmark repurchase rate unchanged at 4 per cent and maintained an 'accommodative' policy stance to support growth. 2) Revisiting Indian Constitution: M G Warrier https://www.moneylife.in/article/how-much-of-indian-constitution-is-for-we-the-people/29687.html This is a 2012 Article published by Moneylife. M G Warrier G Mohandas Chennai responded: "A beautiful analytical article which should be read and preserved by every Educated Citizen of India. The Preamble should be written in Golden Letters and displayed in each and every Govt Office. The Rights and duties of citizens should be read and signed by every MP, MLA and by higher Govt Officials before assuming office. I find that there is no provision for citizens to point out the lapses of Govt in a positive way! Thank you for the nice article" (For me, this is almost an award from a veteran central banker for an article published in 2012-🙏-Warrier) C Story Time with Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai There was a great Guru. He was much learned. He was invited to give a talk in a big temple. They were expecting nearly one thousand people. Unfortunately there were heavy rains and thunder storm on that day. No one turned up. The Guru was puzzled. The only man present was the horseman who came to the station to receive him. Guru has made lot of preparations to talk. He didn't want to give a talk to the only horseman. Now he wanted to ask the horseman direct. "Horseman, what do you think I can do now?" The Horseman replied, "Sir, I am only a horseman. I dont know much. But one thing I Know. When I go to stable to feed the horses, if I find that all the horses but one have gone out, I will certainly give food to that one horse and I will not return without feeding that horse. Guru felt that he was given a nice hint. He considered that there was something worth in what the horseman said. He started giving lecture to the horseman. He derived all enthusiasm. He exhibited all his knowledge on moral studies, epics, puranas, philosophy, psychology and what not. The horseman was listening without telling anything. After 90 mts, the Guru completed his lecture and asked the horseman how he enjoyed his lecture. He was expecting lot of admiration from the horseman . The horseman said, "Sir, I am only a horseman. I don't know any of the topics you gave lecture on. I know only one thing. If I go to the stable to feed all the horses, if I find only one horse, I will feed only the food intended for that horse. I won't force the horse to take the food intended for all thirty horses. Guru was startled at the words of the horseman. Yes he was right. You should convey what is needed for the person present and should not dump unnecessary things on persons who are no longer interested. Don't make yourself fools by imparting unnecessary information on unconcerned people. What a sagely advice which every one of us need to follow!! Vathsala Jayaraman (Collage prays for an exemption. 🙏-Warrier) D Five Sense Organs 1) Science https://askthescientists.com/senses/ Excerpts: "As soon as you get out of bed, your five senses are hard at work. The sunlight coming in through your window, the smell of breakfast, the sound of your alarm clock. All these moments are the product of your environment, sensory organs, and your brain. The ability to hear, touch, see, taste, and smell is hard-wired into your body. And these five senses allow you to learn and make decisions about the world around you. Now it’s time to learn all about your senses." 2) How the sense organs function https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/control-over-senses-indriya-nigraha Excerpts: "Even though the five senses is outwardly focused, it is our mind which will be enthusiastic to the information provided, for instance if we are on the way to attend the funeral of a close relative and we happen to pass by a place where a film shooting unit is picturising a song sequence where the actress is clad in skimpy dress, even though our eyes are seeing the event does our mind which is engrossed in the thought of the death of the relative interested? No, why? Just because it is not in a position to entertain the inputs provided by the sight." E Readers' Contribution Silent Alarms: Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai I am not talking about the silent vibration mode that we get from cell phones. The word 'Alarm' came from the Old French À l'arme meaning "To the arms", "To the weapons", telling armed men to pick up their weapons and get ready for action, because an enemy may have suddenly appeared. While thinking about Alarms, Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms, Smoke Alarms and the normal Alarm Time piece come to our mind. Now we get Alarm signal in Pressure cookers, washing machines and all the communication devices. Long before all these communication techniques have developed God has thought about 'alarms' while creations were made. Take a small example. Every morning RIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!! The alarm rings and the brain starts to worry: "It's time to get up and we have consumed the whole fuel" Just like a four wheeler about to exhaust petrol.............. It calls upon the first neuron and finds out how much glucose is available in the blood. The blood responds "There is sugar available only enough for the next 15 to 20 minutes," The brain contacts the neuron messenger again "Find out the position with liver" The liver checks its savings account and replies that the total funds will last 'for about 20 to 25 minutes'. In total there is about 290 grams of glucose, which means, it will last for about 45 minutes. Brain starts praying Lord Balaji/Jesus/ Allah to induce hunger in the person and induce him to take breakfast. But the person is in half sleep. No mood to get up or take food. Let me take lunch straight. Now the brain issues emergency Alert to Cortizons. "Go in for Economy package". If Appa is not at home, Amma takes out her savings from under the dhal dubba in the kitchen to meet emergency. Now the cortizone takes out whatever it can from muscle cells, bone ligaments and from skin. These proteins pass through the liver to convert them into blood glucose. This process continues until we get back to eating. Many of us consider it as a pride and sacrifice and achievement to miss the breakfast.In fact that person is eating his own muscles- a self devouring act. The brain, instead of engaging in intellectual functions spends its energy for sustaining food and fuel to the body. When a person starts the day fasting, he/she starts up an energy saving strategy, because of which the metabolism reduces. The brain does not know how long the fasting will last, whether a few hours or a few days, so it takes upon the most severe restrictive measures. So the food is deviated towards 'fat reserve' and the starving person starts gaining weight.Does starving in fact amount to becoming a cannibal eating one's own muscles, flesh and bone?Yes, say the medicos. Lord Skandha is stated to have taken 6 days' fast ( Skandha Shashti) to vanquish Demon Soora padman. Are we slowly destroying our own flesh ( It is entirely a different issue that philosophically human body is compared to demon. ) All animals and human beings are gifted with this alarm in the centre of the brain. Skipping breakfast is just an example.Whenever some unpleasant and dangerous situations arise the Alarm centre in the brain becomes very sensitive and rational thinking is stalled for a while. It is obviously good that the alarm centre by nature takes over when we are facing real danger. If your life is at risk there is no time to consider pro or con taking action - you have to react prompt with fight or flight. But it is not desirable for the thinking brain to getswitched off during normal situations-for example in an exam hall. Over-sensitizing or under-sensitizing of the Alarm system in the brain makes people vulnerable. Better keep a balance between the thinking brain and signalling brain.When we fall into the 'Alarm Trap' it is better to ask ourselves calm, simple analytical questions that can calm you down. Intuition is a process, more or less like alarm, that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason. Very often we are advised to act by intellect and not by emotion or instinct. In essence, we need both instinct and reason to make the best possible decisions for ourselves, our businesses, and our families.We feel rather uncomfortable with the idea of using our instincts as a guidance tool. We mistrust the sometimes-cryptic messages that our instincts send to us, and consequently we diminish our capacity to leverage the power of our own instincts when we need them most. Certain instinctive impulses do help us a lot while we are in crisis. We don't have to reject scientific logic in order to benefit from instinct. We can honor and call upon all of these tools, and we can seek balance. And by seeking this balance we will finally bring all of the resources of our brain into maximum utility. F Leisure Veda Patha Sala Tirupati http://www.svvedicuniversity.ac.in/ I have not yet visited Tirupati. I have high respect to the Devasthanam for the way in which they manage their resources. Perhaps, with appropriate changes, other religious bodies across the world can duplicate the model for adapting. G Quotes about Cricket http://www.scrolldroll.com/cricket-legend-quotes/ Like: " “First of all, convince yourself that you are the best because the rest of your life is going to go proving this to others.”- Wasim Akram That’s how you succeed!"


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