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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE On Friday April 09, 2021 Sandrananda...P Leela https://youtu.be/sf-Af8X_IXc Good Morning Create Harmony Around Love. Dissolves. Hate Compassion. Calms. Passion Kindness. Melts. Cruelty Cooperation. Evokes. Love I Bow Making. Others bend... It is about bringing our inner world into Harmony, developing The maturity to align our world of thoughts, attitudes and feelings With our outer world of actions, words and relationships. If there is confusion inside, then there will be confusion outside..also. We can start by addressing a few questions to ourselves... Do I really need to do that action? Do I need to think that? Can I speak or act , in a better way? Then Inner conscience will guide us to do better creating Harmony within us.. Friendship is the basis of every genuine relationship.. Until I take responsibility for and start listening to myself, I cannot be my own Friend...Am I kind and loving to myself? Are my thoughts , attitudes, words And actions friends with each other, or they often in contradiction and Out of control?. Inner harmony and honesty begins the flow of friendship Between me and the outside world—. Not only the world of the other actors In my life but the worlds of Time, Nature and Matter.. Let us accept what we are creating peace within..It is the core of our being Starting to flow Positivity which is the outcome of this experience.. Peace may ebb and flow fluctuating our feelings and mood.. They have to be dealt with our Swings and imbalances .. Feeling great must encompass the capacity to remain stable in whatever Positive attitude we are——and that makes others feel great.... V T Panchapagesan H Obituary: R S Subramani Thiruvanantapuram 🙏🙏 Collage is getting encouraging responses everyday. Many Thanks. Representative ones are included under Interaction. M G Warrier M A Interaction 1) V R Chittanandam Cheñnai The story narrated by Vathsala Jayaraman is a popular one. The underlying principle is that an unlettered common man possesses far more intelligence than most of our ascetics with long and rich experience gained through rigorous penances. Thanks to Vathsala Jayarman. Chittanandam 2) V N Kelkar C Story Time Collage covers a wide variety of subjects and goes to one thousand plus Exrbites (horsemen) everyday even before the daily newspaper reaches them. It's a refreshing experience to read the contents as Collage comes in new avatar day after day. The regular contributors add rich flavour to it.Thank you, Warrier, for your herculean efforts. VNKelkar 3) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram C Achutha Menon Shri T N Jayachandran, who retired as Additional Chief Secretary, Govt.of Kerala, had served as Private Secretary to the late C Achutha Menon when the latter was Chief Minister. Among the many good things he did, one was the publishing of Menon's diaries. One of the diary entries relating to the post-Chief Minister period of his life I quote here from memory : "This evening I attended the wedding reception of Kalamandalam......I felt ashamed that I went empty-handed." Quite touching indeed! One day Menon went to the Trichur railway station to see off somebody. The ticket examiner asked for platform ticket. Menon said: "Sorry. In my hurry I forgot to take the platform ticket." The young ticket examiner's response was scornful. He said: "You look like an educated man. Are you not ashamed? Who knows this is not your regular practice?" The TE later came to know whom he was talking to in this manner. He went to him to offer his apologies. Menon said with a smile: "It is me who did the wrong thing and I am sorry for what I did. You have come to me presumably because someone told you that I am a former Chief Minister. That will not do. You have to be less harsh in your behavior to all, especially to elderly people." Whenever I happen to see the majestic Central Stadium behind the Secretariat building, I remember Achutha Menon gratefully. It is not that he had constructed it, but it is he who, as Chief Minister, withstood the tremendous pressure for covering the entire area with annexures of the Secretariat. He was a great man, a great Chief Minister and probably the greatest among them. These thoughts are evoked by Shri Chittanandam and I am thankful to him. 4) S Nallasivan Hyderabad After reading Chittanandam's post /forward on former Chief Minister C.Achudanandan's simplicity, I am reminded of various episodes on K.Kamaraj's life. Then suddenly I remembered about former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao, the Mouna Guru who never smiled. It would be difficult for anybody to believe that he was such a generous host to unknown stranger . This appeared in the New Indian Express (Link below) There is another equally interesting episode when Narasimaha Rao visited Hyderabad on a secret mission to the marriage of Microsoft CEO Sathya Nathella, the son of Rao's Private Secretary during an earlier period only in the company of Ramu Damodaran his own Personal Secretary without any high profile protocol, uninvited. About that later. https://www.newindianexpress.com/opinions/2018/jun/18/idlis-at-narasimha-raos-delhi-residence-1829592.html B Current Affairs Taxing Issues https://m.economictimes.com/wealth/tax/tds-on-cumulative-fds-your-money-loss-is-more-than-the-tax-deducted/amp_articleshow/81926103.cms Excerpts: "For instance, if you book a Rs 10 lakh cumulative FD for 5 years in a bank at Rs 6.15% annual interest rate, you will get a Fixed Deposit Receipt with maturity amount of Rs 13.57 lakh. However, it is also mentioned that the maturity may vary depending upon TDS. As a result, a total amount of Rs 35,234 will be deducted as TDS during the 5-year term of the FD held by senior citizen in bank. If you reduce this amount from the maturity amount of Rs 13.57 lakh mentioned on FDR it comes to Rs 13.22 lakh." C Environment Preserving Mother Earth: Vathsala Jayaraman The never ending movement of the Earth on its axis and revolving around the Sun!!! Doesn’t the earth get tired? In its mission to show us the two sides of life, light and darkness (Day and Night) In the first action and the helping us realize the truth of pleasures and pains (the three seasons –Summer, Rains, Winter and Autumn); in the second it forgets to take rest for a while. Like some thankless children we have ravaged it for our selfish ends. It does punish us once in a while in form of earth quacks, landslides, flood and draught as a warning but never fails in its love for us and keeps on performing the chorus. That’s why it is called Mother Earth. Thinking that our actions will destroy the earth is the height of our self-delusion. Our destructive behavior will lead to our extinction and that of other innocent life on this planet. The earth will still be spinning on its axis, turning from night into day, for a very very long time after we are gone. The Earth is slowing down and is reported to grow bigger too as a consequence. May be inabout a billion years, the Earth will be so big that a flight to US from India will take a week! We'll have much longer nights and days. While we will be twiddling our fingers not knowing what to do with the never ending day time but we'll still sleep off the night! There are amazing possibilities. You can see all that happening in your billionth birth! Like every Mother known more for her patience. This Mother Earth too has enormous patience and doing her daily job of spinning around its tilted axis and simultaneously move in elliptical orbit around the sun . This is despite plundering by real estate barons and or other industrialists. Once in a while she demonstrates her anguish by Force Majeure such as cloud burst, Earth quake, gushing out volcanic ash, a tsunami, or biblical deluge. Mountains like Kailash, Alps, Green cover or forests, rivers and rivulets, brooks, plants vegetation, fruits and flowers etc are her robes and accessories. In the name of development if she is nudged or touched -read tampered-naturally she would go wild to teach the plunderers a lesson or two to last forever. Vathsala Jayaraman D Inside the temples of Kerala 1) Patent for Temple Prasadams https://m.timesofindia.com/city/thiruvananthapuram/kerala-temple-body-to-patent-iconic-temple-prasadams-to-check-counterfeit/amp_articleshow/71257218.cms 2) Flower preference of Gods/Goddesses in temples of Kerala http://www.keralawindow.net/templecustoms.html Excerpts: There are certain flowers important for specified deities. They are given below: Lord Siva /Dakshinamoorthy Koovalam leaves (Aegle marmelos), White flowers of Erikku(Calotropis gigantean), Mandaram (Bauhinia acuminate) Lord Maha Vishnu / Sri Krishna Thulsi (Ocimum sanctum) Goddess Durga/Bhadrakali Thamara (Nelumbo nucifera), Mandaram (Bauhinia acuminate), Nandiarvattam (Tabermae ,pmtama cprpmaroa), Mulla (Jasminum sambac), Pichakam (Jasminum grandiflorum), Thetti (Ixora coccinea), Kumkum flower (Crocus sativus) Lord Ganapathy Thamara (Nelumbo nucifera), Thetti (Ixora coccinea), Chembarathy (Hibiscus rosa) Lord Subramanya Chembakam (Michelia chembaka) Bilwa leaves Koovalam leaves (Aegle marmelos)] is not used for poojas in Vishnu Temples. E Blogs & Links The remarkable life and work of Salim Ali https://www.readersdigest.in/rd-classics/story-the-remarkable-life-and-work-of-salim-ali-127181 Excerpts: "Taking up ornithology at a time when the subject in India was little more than an Englishman’s pastime, Salim Ali made it a serious pursuit. He studied the birds of nearly every region of the subcontinent and wrote with such wit and elegance that he was included in an anthology entitled Indian Masters of English, along with Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu. His many awards included the Padma Vibhushan, and three honorary doctorates. He was nominated to Parliament and made a national professor. Under him, the BNHS became a premier research centre, and its Journal, a staple for biologists the world over. Born in 1896 into a prosperous close-knit Bombay family, Salim Ali, the youngest of 10 children, was orphaned early. His childhood hero was his flamboyant uncle Amiruddin Tyabji, a sportsman who joined royalty on grand shikars. When Salim was 10, Uncle Amiruddin presented him with a Daisy air gun. One day, young Salim shot a strange-looking sparrow. When his uncle couldn’t explain why it had a yellow streak below its neck, he suggested that Salim take the bird to the BNHS. There, the secretary, an Englishman, identified it as a yellow-throated sparrow, and showed the boy the society’s vast stuffed-bird collection. Awestruck, Salim Ali remained hooked on birds, and the BNHS, for life." F Leisure 1) Poligamy Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady worked in Nigeria during 1970's. In a different context, he remembers poligamy in Nigeria: "Four wives and a few dozens of children are very very common in Nigeria. When I was there, they looked down upon us ( Indíans) with contempt, for having one wife only In Nguru, I attended a home delivery of one of the wives of one Al-haaji . The Newborn baby was his 35th child. He had 4 wives and another 3 ex wives. Only 4 wives at a time. They take turn duty...4 bedrooms.... One kitchen only The senior wife prepares the duty roster. Once, I was surprised when my staff nurse invited me to attend her husband's second marriage." 2) Lone listener : R Jayakumar Mumbai Story Time .... Preaching to a lone listener.. Vathsala Madam's story about a guru preaching to a lone listener, a horse keeper reminded me of a joke I have read earlier. A pastor was giving a long sermon to a gathering in a prayer hall. People started to leave the hall one by one as they began to get bored. Undeterred the pastor continued his preaching. Soon the hall became empty except for a single listener. The Preacher sincerely continued his sermon till the end of his preparation to the lone occupant. Finally when he finished with his sermon he thanked and appreciated the lone person for his faith and devotion to his sermon. The man replied, " Sir I am the caretaker of this premises and I was waiting for you to complete your talk so that I can lock all doors and go home." G Quotes about Corporate Social Responsibility https://www.azquotes.com/quotes/topics/corporate-social-responsibility.html Like: "The emphasis placed by more and more companies on corporate social responsibility, symbolises the recognition that prosperity is best achieved in an inclusive society." -Tony Blair H Obituary: R S Subramani Thiruvanantapuram With deep sorrow we report the sad demise of Shri R S Subramani, Ex-Private Secretary to the Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India Thiruvanantapuram on April 8, 2021. RS and I were colleagues in RBI Thiruvanantapuram. A helpful and jovial person. A good friend. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and Prayers for the departed soul 🙏 M G Warrier Mumbai


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