A meaningless and empty life - The Hindu

A meaningless and empty life - The Hindu


 I felt very comfortable after reading the concluding sentences. I quote:
"Without self-created meaning, assumptions and guesses, it is nothing. Life is empty and meaningless. It’s actually true and it’s one of the most joyous realisations of my life." 

The comfort, like 'shmasaanavairagyam' may not have a long life, though I am aware about that also! Some similar thoughts came to me the other day, when I travelled in the Mumbai suburban local after a long gap. Except the change that instead of playing cards in groups, my fellow-passengers were individually busy on mobiles/i-pa(o)ds the groups seemed to be the same whom I met last time, years before. I could imagine, the scene would not be different, without me. I think, each one has an assignment(niyoga) to finish. As the scene will vanish, if everyone is removed from the scene.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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