Cong alone can 'smash' RSS, BJP: Rahul | Business Standard News

Cong alone can 'smash' RSS, BJP: Rahul | Business Standard News


8, 2015
peace a chance

This refers to the report
“Congress will not just defeat, but smash RSS and BJP: Rahul Gandhi” (Business Standard, November
8). Sure, the leader of the major opposition party in a democracy should have
the defeat of the ruling political alliance and the forces that are supportive
of its continuance in power, uppermost in his priorities. Rahul has rightly
quoted Nehru’s statement, ‘There can be no peace without freedom or freedom
without peace’, which is very relevant in the context of the anxieties he
raised in the present context.
The temptation to
confront a democratically elected government from day one with an intention to
bring its democratic functioning to standstill in legislatures on an ongoing
basis does not augur well with the legacy of Nehruvian era, when treasury
benches and the opposition (though insignificant in number, at times) had
mostly harmonious relationship.
A word about the protest
expressed through return of awards by intellectuals. Those who are returning
the awards should remember that there were several equally talented individuals
nominated for the same awards and they were the best among equals. The disgrace
they are bringing to the recognition of talent by India is unmeasurable. Government,
when the present controversies come to a close (yes, they will), should think
in terms of putting in place a system, which will enable the authorities
deciding the awards to confer the awards returned by recipients, to the next
eligible person considered for the same award. Perhaps, monetary benefits, if
any, given need not be recovered!

G Warrier,


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