Mani's resignation creates another roadblock for GST | Business Standard News

Mani's resignation creates another roadblock for GST | Business Standard News


11, 2015
Kerala FM and GST

This refers to the report “Mani’s resignation creates another roadblock for GST” (Business Standard, November 11). The then Kerala Finance minister K M Mani was elected chairman of the empowered committee of state finance ministers on goods and services tax (GST) by virtue of his being the eldest, senior-most and longest serving finance ministers present at the time of his elevation. Those who elected him would have ignored the allegations of corruption against Mani which were giving sleepless nights for him and the UDF leadership in Kerala even then, because in political parlours, such allegations are not a serious matter as yet.
The exit of Mani is not likely to affect the working of the empowered committee on GST, as the Ex-FM has offered unreserved cooperation to the ruling UDF in Kerala which also means he would help the bodies with which he associated as FM to work smoothly.  The empowered committee will soon have a new chairman elected and the work will go on.
A related issue is that the Indian political leadership continues to ignore the churning the electoral politics has undergone during the current decade. Intellectuals, media and other stakeholders in India’s growth story should take the initiative in waking up the political leadership to the current realities. Elections during the current decade has proved that “WE THE PEOPLE” or the voters are not very keen to support any particular alliance (everywhere ‘alliances’ are fighting elections). They have started experimenting different permutations and combinations, one at the Centre, an assortment of alliances in states and even within a state, when it comes to local bodies’ elections, different combinations in different regions. Recognising this, political parties should think in terms of mutual cooperation on developmental and other issues of public interest and if necessary, common minimum programmes at national and regional levels. Major development initiatives, including reforms in GST should
not be allowed to lag behind on account of settling scores among political parties and among leaders within the same party, as is happening within BJP and Congress.

M G Warrier, Mumbai

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