Climate change and the rise of hunger | Business Line

Climate change and the rise of hunger | Business Line


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"Within reach

Once only a dream, a world free of hunger is now within our reach. We produce enough food, we possess the technology, and we know what policies and actions work best. Yet climate change, including more frequent extreme weather events, represents a barrier.
Global warming affects food production — staple crop yields are decreasing, and by 2050, drops of 10-25 per cent and above are likely to be widespread. Meanwhile, droughts, floods, sea level-rise and hurricanes increasingly threaten the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable. At the same time, the world population continues to grow. And it is growing fastest in those countries most vulnerable to climate change.
We need a global framework to support development and growth while conserving our planet’s natural resources, particularly in rural areas. The Sustainable Development Goals are a central part of this framework. To complement it, countries are coming together in Paris to negotiate a new, global climate agreement which hinges on limiting the increase in global temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius."
COMFORTING THOUGHTS...WORLD IS WAKING UP...Read the full article and follow what happens in Parys.
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