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History of Monetary Institutions
This refers to T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan’s piece on “Bird? Plane? Or RBI
Governor” (Business Standars, Marginal Utility, November 14, 2015). First, a big thank you, to the
writer for making the article very interesting, by drawing on his treasure of
intimate knowledge about India’s central bank. We are willing to ignore the
slips like the statement that ‘A non-Hindu, by the way, is yet to be appointed
after 1937’, as we had RBI Governors like Dr Manmohan Singh who kept religion
We look forward to the history of monetary institutions with focus on
RBI. RBI has been publishing its history in great details, with which T C A was
also associated in recent times. My personal view is that, the author should
not withhold information which, in his perception, could be shared with public,
just because he is not able to lay hands on a ‘published source’. After all,
RBI’s own publications, which are rich in content, do not have much outreach,
beyond economists, bankers and students. Reserve Bank of India’s Annual Report
2014-15, which has the Dr Rajan touch, was almost blacked out by media!

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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