Aamir Khan’s right to speak - The Hindu

Aamir Khan’s right to speak - The Hindu


26, 2015
healthy debate
This refers to The Hindu editorial on the current controversy on tolerance (November 26). As a reader of
The Hindu for the last 50 years or so, I find the analysis and views are in conformity
with the newspaper’s tradition of 
presenting a balanced view, even in worst of situations, like attack on
the newspaper itself.
let us face facts. The country's literacy level or the maturity of the
leadership has not reached a level to imbibe the philosophy contained in the
conclusion which I quote:
"Every Indian must have the right to critique her country. When
fellow-citizens receive the critique as a sign of betrayal, it is a sign of
illiberalism. When those fellow-Indians happen to be connected to power,
directly or politically, democracy is truly in trouble."

The TRP-thirsty electronic media pick up anything that they consider, can
be converted into a sensation, for a breaking news! The other day a statement
by Amitabh Bachan about the condition of his health made in a very positive
sense was flashed with a disturbing first sentence. A little more caution on
the part of political leadership and media while handling sensitive issues will
help. Celebrities also should share the responsibility for opening
controversies. Because of their ‘brand value’, common man use their utterances
to form or support their own views.

Event management cannot solve all issues. Let us not buy the argument
that the return of awards was just a spontaneous outburst of protest. In a
different situation, think of all unemployed returning their certificates! This
is a country in which Mahatma had to abandon even anashan (fast) when he thought the move may result in violence!

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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