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The Hindu Business Line, November 13, 2015


Time stands still in RBI
The entire staff of India’s central bank are planning to go on mass CL next Thursday (November 19, 2015), focusing exactly on the same issues over which the RBI officers had decided to go on mass CL twenty years back (‘RBI officers plan mass CL’, BusinessLine Twenty Years Ago, November 12). The RBI annual report 2014-15 carries the following observations made by Raghuram Rajan: “A key factor in RBI’s success has been a satisfied staff. In the past, RBI used to have no problem attracting junior officers, losing only an occasional officer who was successful in the IAS exam. Today, we lose more than we should be comfortable with. This is why a revamp of the professional challenges we offer our staff is very much needed, and we hope the changes outlined earlier will help us become a more attractive employer. In this regard, our review of compensation, as well as the long-pending improvement in pensions for our retirees also assume importance.”
It is intriguing that issues relating to HR management are kept on the backburner and allowed to simmer and later flare up.
MG Warrier


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