Accidents cost India Rs.1.7 lakh crore losses annually - Moneylife

Accidents cost India Rs.1.7 lakh crore losses annually - Moneylife


We talk about poverty, healthcare and other social security issues more and these are getting some attention in the media, though not enough attention from policy makers.
Accidents, as they happen in isolation, affecting mostly those near and dear to
those getting injured or lose lives, there is no strong lobby to campaign for
measures that can prevent some of the accidents on land and in water-bodies. A
case study could be that of accidents in Mumbai suburban locals. The causes can
be traced to over-crowding of compartments, inadequate safety provisions and so
on. While an auto-rikshaw will not be allowed to take more than 3 passengers,
just imagine the number of passengers traveling in a bogie of a suburban local
during peak hours. Regarding road accidents, many a time the cause is ‘less
respect’ for traffic discipline. We take more care to protect comparatively
richer citizens from accidents or at least give them faster, better care when
they are affected by accidents.

M G Warrier 


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