The trio that is changing India for the better during the current decade comprise of Kejriwal, Dr Raghuram Rajan and Narendra Modi. Sushil Pandit has captured the 'PILGRIM'S PROGRESS' of Kejriwal from technocrat to a national level leader. 
M G Warrier
Excerpts from “Kejriwal, The Captain Courageous” by Sushil Pandit (The New Indian Express, March 28, 2016)
“He does not suit the Congress because he has usurped their base among the suburban, poor and illiterate. The Muslims and other minorities too—Congress’ traditional bastion—have swung his way because he is the only credible challenge left against the BJP in Delhi. He does not suit the BJP because the white-collar middle class too has plumped for this qualified technocrat and his un-politician-like approach to issues. His probity-card is still unimpeachable and a big unifier of both these universes. But what stands out in sterling contrast is his courage. He does not look for safe constituencies. He is not overawed by the stature of his adversary. He packs oodles of spunk in that diminutive frame. It is this sheer abundance of spirit that makes him powerful and makes his adversaries loathe his presence.”


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