Freepress Journal,  March 7, 2016

Coach the legislators

This refers to “PM’s SUGGESTIONS: Keep a week for first timers in Parliament” (repress Journal, March 4, 2016). The Lok Sabha decision to organise a two-day workshop for women legislators on March 6 and 7 is a commendable initiative. Legislatures in states and up to village panchayats which have no formal familiarisation sessions now also should follow this example and arrange periodic off-site conclaves for newcomers and legislators who did not have adequate exposure to public forums before getting elected.
PM’s suggestions also keeps in view the need to professionalise the conduct of legislative business by making it more participative and democratic. Even in states like Kerala which state has about 100 per cent literacy and most of the legislators getting elected have higher level of formal education, in-house behaviour of ministers, MLAs and other people’s representatives as telecast on TV leaves much scope for improvement. In this context, PM’s suggestions are worth a trial. If followed in right spirit, the results will get reflected in improvement in country’s governance.

M G Warrier


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