Wilful Defaulters are a result of Wilful Blindness - Moneylife

Wilful Defaulters are a result of Wilful Blindness - Moneylife


Thank you, Sucheta for this article. When many are asking questions, you have shown the courage to answer some of the questions, including those raised by Mallya. Yesterday (March 13) night, I was reading an article by T V Mohandas Pai wondering why authorities are after Mallya whose Kingfisher Airlines default is a small
amount compared to the 30,000 crore loss suffered by Air India (No, I am not
taking the moneylife route to respond to the article, I have posted online
comments under the article, hope they retain the comments!). I suggested, Pai
too can take initiative in exposing squandering of public funds which include
bank deposits, money raised by corporates and so on.  

Of late, every allegation is countered by another bigger allegation against someone else. Interest of the taxpayer, depositor and every citizen who adds value to India’s GDP needs to be protected. Now is the time when authorities have woken up and Govt is in no position to bail out wilful defaulters or anyone who is mismanaging ‘public
funds’. Mallya may be RS MP owing his position to the support of political
parties. Even those political parties cannot rescue him from the present predicament
in which he has landed.
M G Warrier


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